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Setting up payment processing

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In this section of the quick start you find basic information about how to integrate payment methods into your online shop and about the required basic settings that are needed to correctly process payments in your plentymarkets system.

1. Setting up payment methods

In your plentyShop, you can offer your customers different payment methods. All payment methods are integrated using the plentymarkets plugin structure. Depending on your individual requirements, you can offer a multitude of payment methods in your online shop.

Download the payment plugins from the plentyMarketplace. Find information and explanations how to set up the payment methods developed by plentymarkets on the manual page Payment Plugins.
Assistants guide you through the settings and contain all necessary information. After downloading the plugin, you find the assistant in the Setup » Assistants » Plugins » [select Plugin set] menu in your plentymarkets system. Select the plugin set in which you want to install the plugin. You find information on how to proceed in the Adding plugins to the system section of the quick start.

2. Carrying out the basic settings for payments

In addition to setting up the plugins for the payment methods, you have to carry out settings in your plentymarkets back end to make sure that payments are booked and processed correctly in your system. In addition, saving your VAT number is mandatory.

2.1. Determining rules for incoming payments

To ensure that the incoming payments are processed as required, carry out the basic settings for payments first.

Determining rules for incoming payments:

  1. Go to Setup » Orders » Payment » Incoming.

  2. Carry out the settings according to the information provided in Table 1.

  3. Save () the settings.

Table 1. Carrying out basic settings for incoming payments
Setting Explanation

Match for automatic assignment

Incoming payments are automatically assigned to an order by checking the matching rate. For this, select a value between 0.7 (no exact match required for assignment) and 1.0 (exact match required). If this value is set to a higher value, automatic matching of payments may not work properly in your plentymarkets system. This is why the value 0.75 is set as default.

Goodwill on payment

To avoid faulty payments due to internally calculated order sums (starting from the third decimal place), you should enter a minimal value of 0.01. If you select the value 0.05, for example, payment that are up to 5 cents short of the original amount are booked as complete payments.

Import customer bank data

Select whether or not the customer’s bank data should be imported and saved in the respective contact data of the customer or not.
Important: Since bank data can only be imported and saved after customers have agreed to the process, No is selected here by default. Familiarise yourself with the current legislation concerning this topic, if necessary also of different delivery countries.

Exclude orders with the following payment methods from automatic assignment

Select those payment methods for which no payments are incoming. They are then ignored for payment assignment.
Use the keyboard to select multiple payment methods.

Exclude orders with the following referrers form automatic assignment

Select those referrers for which no payments are incoming. They are then ignored for payment assignment.
Use the keyboard to select multiple payment methods.

2.2. Saving a VAT number

The legally determined VAT rates of 19% and 7% are already set by default for the location Germany. In addition, stating your VAT number is mandatory according to tax regulations. Proceed as described below to save a VAT number for your location.

Saving a VAT number:

  1. Go to System » Client » [Select client] » Locations » [Select location] » Accounting.

  2. Open the VAT rates tab.

  3. Open the configuration Germany.

  4. Enter your VAT number in the VAT number field.

  5. Save () the setting.

Locations and tax settings

The settings on VAT rates and all other options in the Accounting tab depend on the selected location. This means that you have to submit the correct VAT rates for each additional delivery country outside the country in which you are located. In case of any questions or insecurities, we generally recommend consulting your tax advisor. See also the chapter Carrying out VAT settings in the manual section Accounting.

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