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Final steps

The finish line is in sight. Use the checklist below to ensure that you have completed all necessary steps. Then it is finally time to unlock your store. And last but not least, we want to show you some resources to help you find your way around plentymarkets.

1. Final check

Have you already…​

2. Unlocking the webshop

Now you are almost done. At the beginning of this quick start, we locked the webshop and ensured that all emails would be sent to our own address for testing purposes. Before starting business, we have to revert these settings.

Deactivating the test mode:

  1. Go to Setup » Client » Standard Shop (Standard) » Email » Access data.

  2. Select Inactive from the test mode drop-down list.

  3. Save the settings.

Unlocking the webshop:

  1. Go to Setup » Client » Standard Shop (Standard) » webshop » Lock store.

  2. Click on Unlock webshop now.

Congratulations! Your store is now online!

3. Stay up to date

We constantly work on improving plentymarkets. To make sure you are always well-informed about all updates, we recommend to subscribe to the Changelog category in our forum. For this, you first need a forum account.

Creating an account:

  1. Go to Setup » Settings » Users » Accounts » Your user account.

  2. Click on Create account.

Subscribing to the change log:

  1. Go to Support » Forum » Go directly to the forum.
    → The forum opens in a new tab.

  2. Log in with your login details.

  3. Open your account settings by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner and clicking on Settings.

  4. Open the Categories menu.

  5. Enter “Version 7” in the Watched field and confirm your input with the enter key.

  6. Save the settings.

From now on, you will automatically receive email notifications when a new change log is posted.

4. More about the manual

As you continue to dive deeper into the plentymarkets system to extend your store, you will probably reference this manual somewhat frequently. There are two ways to navigate it: the navigation tree and the search function. Use the navigation tree on the left to explore the manual or to get an overview of an entire topic. Use the search function to look up specific key words.


The manual describes the functionality of plentymarkets systems according to the beta version. However, by default, new systems use the stable version. As a result, some parts of the manual may deviate from your system environment for up to two weeks.

If you want to switch to a different version, open your back end and go to Setup » Client » Standard-Shop (Standard) » Version for further information.

5. More from plentymarkets

  • If you want to add more functionality to your system or webshop, go to plentyMarketplace  to check out more plugins.

  • You can find news and announcements concerning plentymarkets on our blog .

  • Ever get stuck? Visit our forum  to receive help and learn useful tips and tricks from our supporters.

  • Have a look at our video tutorials  if you are more of a visual learner.

  • Our consultants will support you with help and advice, just make an appointment .

  • Or ask our partner agencies  for professional support when designing your webshop.

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter .

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