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The plentyPOS system combines the vast potential of e-commerce with a brick and mortar store. Meet three fictional sellers who use plentymarkets POS to help their businesses grow. And find out how you can book plentymarkets POS for your own company.


Take a walk downtown and you’ll find three sellers who are as different as can be. Hayden runs a one-man start-up and has been successful selling his beard care products online. But now he’d like to expand and open his doors to walk-in customers too. A brick and mortar store is just what he needs!

A few blocks away, you’ll find Miss Dorothy. Her corner store has been in business for 37 years. From her shop windows, she’s seen the neighbourhood grow up and change. Now Miss Dorothy is ready for a little change too. She’d like to begin selling her socks and jam on that new-fangled thing called the internet.

Head on over to High Street and you’ll meet Arthur Buck, the shrewd businessman behind a popular chain store. Thousands of shoppers visit Arty’s Athletics every day. And his online store has really taken off too! There’s just one problem. His online store runs on one software, while his brick and mortar store is powered by another. Arty’s having trouble managing it all, and he’d love to find a system that can bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual one.

So what do a trendy online start-up, a local mom 'n pop store and a huge athletics chain have in common? All three sellers can take their businesses to the next level with the plentymarkets point of sale system! A plentymarkets point of sale is everything it should be: a simple, practical and mobile solution that suits everyone from the most down-to-earth to the most seasoned retailer. And it’s all backed by a powerful omni-channel business software that gives you access to the world of e-commerce and lots of different markets.

The plentymarkets point of sale system makes it easy to sell items, grant discounts or accept gift cards, ring up customers, print receipts and save them in a digital archive and much, much more. Ready to bring your business forward with the plentymarkets point of sale system? Simply head on over to the plentymarkets website and book whatever package is right for you.

Next, spend some time thinking about which hardware you’ll work with - so the tablet or ipad, till, receipt printer and card terminal that you’ll use to ring up customers. And don’t worry if you’re not a tekkie. Just take a look at our online manual to see a list of supported hardware or get in contact with us directly. We’re happy to recommend the hardware package that’s right for you.

Once everything is all set up, just download our user-friendly app from GooglePlay or the App Store. That’s all there is to it! You’re ready to begin setting up your plentymarkets point of sale system. Just check out our online manual and video tutorials for help configuring the settings. Or give us a call and ask about our personalised support packages, on-site consultations and set-up services. Welcome to the wonderful world of plentymarkets!

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