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Analysing your eBay sales activity

Learn how to use the eBay Analytics plugin and track listings like a pro! You’ll see how to analyse your entire eBay account as a whole and how to create statistics for individual listings.

Linking your eBay account (0:47)

Analysing your eBay account as a whole (1:26)

Analysing individual listings (2:09)


Think you’ve got eBay under control? Think you could sell items in your sleep? No time for complacency! Let’s focus on improving sales and getting the most out of your eBay account.

You’re business savvy - you know how important it is to keep an eye on sales figures. That’s why we’ve developed an eBay Analytics plugin that helps you track listings like a pro. With the right statistics at hand, you can see what’s going on with your listings and make any improvements as necessary.

Simply download the eBay Analytics plugin from plentyMarketplace and install it in your system.

Before you get started, make sure you have an eBay account and that you’ve downloaded both of these plugins.

One is the interface that sends data back and forth between eBay and plentymarkets and the other is for the eBay authentication process.

And this brings us right to the first step: linking your eBay account. From the "System" menu just navigate to "Markets » eBay » OAuth2" and click on the globe icon to link your eBay account with plentymarkets.

You may be thinking: Wait a minute, I already linked my eBay account. Why do it again?

Well, the authentication process in this menu is specifically for eBay plugins. In other words, by entering your access data into this menu here, you give eBay plugins access to your eBay account.

When you’re finished, you’ll have two new menus, which allow you to view statistics with the eBay Analytics API.

Let’s look at this first menu, which allows you to see how your eBay account is performing as a whole.

Just tell plentymarkets which eBay platform and account you want to analyse.

Then pick a time-frame for your statistics.

Last but not least, decide what sort of data you’d like to analyse.

For example, how many times your listings were viewed or how many times your listing appeared in search results.

The statistics are displayed on the right, along with a key and additional information about this key.

Simply click on an element to exclude it from the statistic.

Now let’s look at the second menu, which tells you how individual listings are performing.

This is done by creating reports that are customised to meet your exact needs.

Again, tell plentymarkets which eBay platform and account you want to work with.

Then give the report a name and use this area here to tell plentymarkets which exact listings you want to analyse.

You can either do so by manually entering the listing IDs and separating them with commas, or you can click on the little plus icon down here, use check marks to select the appropriate listings and add them by clicking on the plus.

Last but not least, set the date range.

Here, keep in mind that you can only analyse up to 30 days at maximum.

If you try to save a larger date range, then you’ll see an error message when saving.

The report is saved and it opens in an overview, along with any other reports that were already created.

Now, you’re probably excited to see the statistics straight away.

But have a bit of patience. Depending on how much data is included in the statistic, it can take up to 15 minutes for the information to be processed.

If you’re curious how things are coming along, just check out the report status here.

Once the report has finished, you’ll see a graph that looks something like this.

Just like before, you’ll see a key here on the right and you can exclude individual listings by clicking on them.

Last but not least, you can use the drop-down menu up top to analyse different pieces of information.

Our eBay Analytics plugin takes the guess work out of sales. Armed with a wide range of statistics, you’ll always know how your eBay account is performing and which listings are most popular. Download the plugin today and shine light on your eBay sales activity.

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