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Trading one piece of information for another

You want to import a file into plentymarkets, but it lists information differently than plentymarkets does? No need to modify the file by hand! You can use ElasticSync’s "Own Assignment" function to swap out one piece of information for another.
Note: The term ElasticSync is outdated and has been replaced by import.


You received a new file, chock-full of information! But, wait a minute. The data isn’t quite right. Some pieces of information need to be swapped out for others.

Let me show you what I mean. Imagine you’ve got a spreadsheet filled with customer information. In one of the columns, you’ve got the country where your customer lives.

But there’s just one little problem. Your spreadsheet uses country names like the United Kingdom, whereas plentymarkets uses its own unique IDs for each country. If you try to import these names, then plentymarkets won’t know what country you’re talking about. No problem! ElasticSync can help you sort out the confusion.

This video builds on what you’ve already learned in our basic instructional video and looks at this option here, which lets you swap out one piece of information for another. In other words, you can use this "own assignment" option to teach plentymarkets which country is which.

First, use the "type" field to tell plentymarkets which column of your file lists the countries. Then use the from field to enter country names as they’re displayed in your CSV file. And use the to field to enter the same countries, as they’re identified in plentymarkets.

Proceed the same way to match all the rest of the countries in your CSV file with all the corresponding country IDs in plentymarkets. Finally, use this field here to tell plentymarkets what it should do, if it comes across an empty row in your file. In this case, you’ll need to tell plentymarkets which country it should use by default.

That’s the idea here. Just tell plentymarkets which country it should use by default.

Good job! You’ve swapped out the information in your file and now you’re ready to import all of this data into plentymarkets!

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