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Managing BBD/batch

In plentymarkets you can manage variations with a best before date (BBD) and/or batches. However, these functions are currently only available in the plentymarkets back end.

Using BBD/batches with plentyPOS

When working with plentyPOS you should not yet use these functions to manage BBD/batches, as these may currently cause errors. The functions will be available soon.

1. Activating BBD/batch

In order to use BBD and/or batches for variations, activate the options BBD and/or Batch on the variation of a warehouse. As soon as the warehouse contains stock, it is not possible anymore to activate or deactivate the option on the variation’s warehouse. You can only carry out changes if the stock in this warehouse equals zero. For further information see the chapter Linking a variation to a storage location.

Activating BBD in warehouse changes pick path priority

If BBD is activated in your warehouse, the storage location’s assignment in an order works according to the FIFO principle (First In First Out). Thus, the position of the storage location or dimension is no longer considered and the sorting is done by BBD instead. However, this is only the case if variations of an item have several BBDs and are stored on storage locations with different positions. Consequently, the position is only decisive if variations on different storage locations have the same BBD.

With the activation of BBD the pick path changes as follows:

Item 1 has a variation on the storage location that has the position 1, but no BBD.
Item 2 has a variation with the position 2 and the BBD 01.06.2021.
Item 3 has a variation with 3 BBDs on 3 storage locations:
1. Variation with position 3, BBD 01.02.2021
2. Variation with position 4, BBD 30.12.2020
3. Variation with position 5, BBD 15.03.2021

In this example, the variation of item 1 is picked first, as there is no BBD and thus the position is considered. The variation of item 2 is picked afterwards, as there is only one BBD. Only at this point, the variation of item 3 with the lowest BBD is picked. Here, this is the variation with position 4 and the BBD 30.12.2020.

Assigning rights for back end users

People with Back end access rights can only see certain areas and menus in plentymarkets. This means they only have limited access to the system. If you want back end type users to see BBD and batches, you have to grant them the following rights:

  • Stock > Warehouse location management > Show

Tip: How to grant rights

Note that only Admins can grant rights.

Assigning rights:

  1. Go to Setup » Settings » User » Rights » User.
    → The user accounts are displayed in an overview.

  2. Click on a user account.
    → The Rights menu item containing the visibilities opens.

  3. Assign the rights for the respective area by ticking the check boxes indicated above.
    Note: You can either grant rights for complete areas or limit the rights you grant the user. To only grant limited rights in a certain area, expand the area.

  4. Save () the settings.

The Rights and Menu visibilities are linked. This means that if you grant a right in one of the two areas, plentymarkets automatically grants the corresponding rights in the other area.

2. Incoming items

Depending on the selected settings, you can book in variations with BBD, variations with batches or variations with BBD and batches. Per warehouse and variation, it is recommended to only book the same BBD and batches on a storage location. This setting is preset by default. If you book different BBD/batches on the same storage location, errors may occur in the picking process, as pickers will have to search for a specific BBD and/or a specific batch. For further information see the chapter Incoming items with a best before date and/or batch information.

Do not book stock with bbd/batch into standard storage location

To ensure that stock with BBD/batch is imported correctly, do not book it into the standard storage location. Use other storage locations instead.

3. Redistributing

With BBD/batch you can redistribute items into other warehouses. However, when redistributing variations with BBD/batch, restrictions may occur. For further information on redistributions, see the chapter Redistributing stock with best before dates/batches.

4. Checking best before dates

Under Stock » Storage location management you can check the status of variations with a best before date. The column Days durable shows for how many days a variation is still durable.

Checking best before dates:

  1. Go to Stock » Storage location management.

  2. Select dates for the filters BBD from: and to:.
    → All storage locations with variations in the selected BBD are shown.

Table 1. Status minimum durability
Days durable Status

< 1

Item expired

>1 & <30

Item expires soon

> 30

Item okay

5. Returns

When booking in a variation again with BBD/batch, the process of booking in different batches and BBD on the same storage location is not blocked automatically. However, it is recommended to only book the same BBD/batches to a storage location per variation and warehouse. In case of a chaotic stock keeping of BBD and batch items, errors may occur during order picking. For further information on returns see the chapter Returns.

6. Pick lists, packing lists and warehouse pick lists

BBD/batch information can also be displayed on pick lists, packing lists and warehouse pick lists. For further information see the following manual pages:

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