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Stock management

The stock management integrated in plentymarkets helps you to keep track of your current stock, your incoming items as well as outgoing items. The stock management allows you to manage several warehouses, to reserve stock as well as to automate stock update. In this topic, you find all information about creating and editing warehouses, booking and assigning stock as well as reordering items. You need to register stock quantities if you want to work with stock reservations and if you want that items are automatically subtracted from your stock as soon as they are booked out. Stock reservations are made to avoid that items that have already been sold are sold twice.

The points listed below give you a rough idea of the steps that are necessary to set up the stock management in plentymarkets:

  • Creating warehouses

  • Creating suppliers

  • Booking incoming items

  • Creating reorders

There are many factors that influence a well-functioning stock management. Some of these factors are e.g. defining reorder levels for variations and knowing your suppliers minimum order quantity, keeping track of your stock quantities as well as reordered and returned items and regular stocktaking. Another factor is the reservation of stock for listings that you can use in plentymarkets. How to reserve stock for listings is explained on the pages dealing with listing platforms. There are many more topics that are connected to stock management, such as creating documents for the picking and packing process. In addition, this page provides you with an overview of the mobile stock management functionalities included in the plentymarkets app.

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