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In this area, you will find all relevant information about shipping service providers, fulfilment service providers, shipping processes and shipping profiles.

  • Fulfilment

    up a shipping profile including the table of shipping charges, is identical for all service providers. This is the reason why you will first find general settings that apply to all service providers on the Preparing

Preparing the shipment

Learn how to set up shipping profiles, shipping packages and shipping service providers in plentymarkets.

  • Preparing the shipment

    process with processes. It carries out everything from linking items with shipping profiles to registering shipments and printing shipping labels. The initial time that it takes to configure the settings pays off when

  • Overview of fulfilment service providers

    Only orders with a valid invoice can be transferred to DHL Fulfillment. However, Klarna only transmits the invoice to plentymarkets after outgoing items are booked. Registering the shipment

  • Overview of shipping service providers

    of items are determined accordingly for export shipments. Now carry out the shipping service provider-specific settings for the shipping services in the table of shipping charges. These services are only visible

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