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Managing master data

The System » System settings » Settings » Master data menu allows you to save and centrally manage your company’s master data. In this menu, you save the address, contact details and VAT number of the company. Any changes you make in this menu will take effect for the entire system.

Users are logged out when you make changes

Whenever you carry out changes in this menu and save the settings, other users will be logged out automatically and will need to log in again. As such, make sure that you inform other users before you make any changes.

Saving master data:

  1. Go to System » System settings » Settings » Master data.

  2. Carry out the settings. Note [table-master-data].

  3. Save the settings.
    → The master data is saved.

Changing contract information

Making changes to this master data will not have any effect on the customer information that is saved in your contract with plentymarkets, e.g. for billing purposes. Go to Support » Service centre to change your contract details.

Table 1. Saving master data
Setting Explanation

Company name

Enter the name of the company.

Chief executive officer

Enter the first and last name of the Chief Executive Officer.

Street, house number;

Enter the address of the company.


Select the region in which the company is based from the drop-down list.

Time zone

Select the time zone of the company from the drop-down list. This ensures that dates and times are correctly applied e.g. in orders and tickets.


Select the country in which the company is based from the drop-down list.


Enter the contact details of the company.


Enter the hotline number of the company.
Note: If your company does not have a hotline number, re-enter the phone number that you entered into the Phone number field. This is because the template variable $CompanyHotline will display this number in various places throughout the system.

VAT number

Enter the VAT number of the company. This VAT number also is used for clients (stores) where no VAT number is saved in the Accounting menu.

Data is included in store templates

All of the fields configured in the System » System settings » Settings » Master data can be displayed with template variables e.g. in email templates and in the online store. Some of these template variables are included in these areas by default.
Use the following template variables to display the master data:

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