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Setting up plugins

1. Plugin configuration

After installing a plugin, you might want to configure it. Depending on the plugin, you will have one of two options. Either, when clicking on the name of the plugin in the plugin set, a window with configuration options opens, or a new interface is added to the System menu when installing the plugin. Any options you change within a plugin set only applies to that specific set. Any options you change in the System menu apply globally and affect all plugin sets, even when installing the plugin in a set at a later time.


For plugins developed before the introduction of plugin sets, configuration may be different.

If a plugin adds new elements to your webshop, such as the logo of a payment method, certain services must be linked to so-called containers.

By default, you can configure container links in the CMS >> Container links menu, but plugin developers can also provide a set of default containers which you can then select in the plugin detail view all at once.

Select default container links:

  1. Go to Plugins >> Plugin Overview.

  2. Open the plugin detail view of the plugin you want to link by clicking on that plugin’s name.

  3. Click on the Default container links button.

  4. Check the checkboxes of the containers you want to link.

  5. Save the settings.

You can check if it is possible to link containers this way in the plugin’s item view on plentyMarketplace.

Does not overwrite existing links

Saving the default container links does not overwrite existing links. If you want to use only the default container links, you must first delete all links in the CMS >> Container links menu.

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