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Here you will learn how to use plugins with your plentymarkets system. Plugins can change the design of your webstore, add new functionality and payment methods, and even create new interfaces in your back end.

  1. Adding plugins to the system

    1. Purchasing plentyMarketplace plugins

    2. Adding new plugins via Git

  2. Plugins and plugin sets

    1. Plugin overview - managing plugin sets

    2. Creating plugin sets

    3. Editing plugin sets

      1. Changing the name of a plugin set

      2. Adding plugins

      3. Updating plugins

      4. Removing plugins

      5. Deleting plugin sets

  3. Setting up plugins

    1. Plugin configuration

    2. Container links

  4. Back end plugin sets

For further information on how to customize your back end with back end plugin sets, see the Customising the user account page.

1. More about plugins

  • If you are looking for new plugins to extend your plentymarkets system with, visit plentyMarketplace.

  • If you need specific plugin functionality beyond what is covered on Marketplace, post a request it on the project platform and work out a solution with one of our partner agencies. Or…​

  • Create your very own plugin. For further information, see our developers page.

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