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Old online store: ConCardis

Integration only for Callisto online stores

This page only contains instructions for integrating ConCardis in Callisto online stores. The following instructions are not valid for Ceres stores!

ConCardis  is a joint venture of the German bank industry and a payment provider for cashless payment. ConCardis provides products and services in Germany, Austria, the Benelux and Switzerland and is expanding into additional European countries.

1. Important notes

This chapter provides you with important information about integrating the payment provider in plentymarkets.

1.1. Payment process

After confirming the order, the customer will be redirected to the ConCardis website. Here, they need to enter the data of the selected credit card. Once the customer has entered the data and confirmed the payment, they are directed back to your online store.

1.2. Available ConCardis payment methods

Below you will find an overview of the ConCardis payment methods that are available for plentymarkets. They are displayed along with the corresponding System ID in parentheses.

  • MasterCard (2100)

  • Visa (2110)

  • American Express (2120)

  • UnionPay (2130)

  • JCB-Japan Credit Bureau (2140)

  • Diners Club (2150)

  • Discover (2160)

  • girocard/electronic cash (ec) (2170)

  • Maestro (2180)

  • V Pay (2190)

  • Visa Electron (2200)

  • GeldKarte (2210)

  • Coupon (1700)

2. Registering with ConCardis

The ConCardis customer service  provides you with further information about the services and prices offered by ConCardis. Register with ConCardis before you carry out the relevant settings in plentymarkets.

3. Setting up ConCardis for Callisto

Proceed as described below to set up the interface to ConCardis for your Callisto online store in plentymarkets.

Setting up the interface to ConCardis:

  1. Go to Setup » Orders » Payment » Methods.

  2. Place a check mark next to the setting Also show inactive.

  3. Open the folder International.

  4. Click on ConCardis.
    → The Interface tab will open.

  5. Expand the client.

  6. Carry out the settings as desired. Pay attention to the information given in Table 1.

  7. Save the settings.

Table 1. setting up the interface to ConCardis
Setting Explanation


Enter the ConCardis account ID that you received from ConCardis.


Enter the SHA-Passphrase. The SHA-Passphrase is listed in the ConCardis account area under Configuration » Technical Information » Tab: Data and origin verification.

Activate test mode

Activate the test mode and check the ConCardis functions before working live with the system.



Enter the text that you want to display as the headline.

Background colour, Font colour, etc.

Enter hexadecimal values for the colours of the individual elements.


Enter the absolute URL (with https) of the logo.

Client (store) options

Activate access data for all clients (stores)

Only visible if clients (stores) were set up. Activate to apply the account settings saved for the main store by clicking on Add account for all clients (shops). This setting is dominant over the settings saved for each client. Deactivate to use separate access data for your clients (stores). Online stores that do not have account settings saved for them cannot be used with ConCardis.
Go to Setup » Client » Select client » Online store » Settings and make sure that you have selected the option Enable login for every store in the line Login. This makes it possible to support several clients.

4. Activating payment methods

ConCardis offers you a wide range of payment possibilities. Set up and activate the ConCardis payment methods in the Settings tab of the payment methods. In addition, check the settings for Permitted payment methods in the customer classes and for Blocked payment methods in the shipping profiles.

5. Carrying out settings in the ConCardis account

Carry out the following settings in your ConCardis account. To do so, log into the ConCardis Pay Engine.

  • Click on Configuration and then click on Technical information.

  • Open the Transaction feedback tab.
    → ConCardis' answer to plentymarkets is controlled in the Transaction feedback tab.

  • Enter the plentymarkets URL into the Direct HTTP server-to-server request field:
    → Replace "your-plentystore" with your own store.

  • In the Dynamic e-Commerce parameters section, check which parameters are listed under Selected.

The following parameters have to be included at minimum:








6. Displaying ConCardis in the Callisto online store

A message is displayed once your customer has finished placing an order. Then, the customer is forwarded to the Order history where they must click on Pay now in the Payment method area. Afterwards, the customer is forwarded to ConCardis and has to enter the credit card data (Figure 1).

DE Zahlungsarten ConCardis
Figure 1. German example of the ConCardis entry mask
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