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Pay upon pickup

With the Pay upon pickup plugin, you integrate the payment method Cash payment in your online shop and make it available to your customers. To do so, download the plugin Pay upon pickup from the plentyMarketplace . Setup of the payment method is done with an assistant. You also have to carry out a few basic settings in your plentymarkets system so that the payment method is activated in your system.
The explanations in this section apply after adding the plugin. You can find more information on adding and installing plugins in the Plugins section of the manual.

1. Completing the assistant

After you have installed the plugin the corresponding assistant is available. Proceed as follows to complete the assistant and thus set up the payment method.

Setting up a payment method:

  1. Go to Setup » Assistants » Plugins » [select Plugin set].

  2. Select the assistant Pay upon pickup.

  3. Complete the assistant.

The payment method Pay upon pickup is available in your online shop.

2. Customer classes and shipping profiles

Make sure the payment method is allowed in the customer classes and is not deactivated in the shipping profiles. For this, you should consider first for which customer classes and shipping profiles the payment method should be allowed. This can be set individually.

Permitting the payment method in a customer class:

  1. Go to Setup » CRM » Customer classes.

  2. Open the customer class for which you want to permit the payment method.

  3. Select the payment method from the list Permitted payment methods.

  4. Save () the settings.

  5. If needed, repeat these steps for other customer classes as well.

Checking payment method in existing shipping profiles:

  1. Go to Setup » Orders » Shipping » Settings.

  2. Click on the Shipping profiles tab.

  3. Open the shipping profile in which the payment method should be allowed.

  4. Check whether the payment method is selected in the Blocked payment methods area.

  5. Deselect the payment method if you want to allow it for this shipping profile.

  6. Save () the settings.

  7. If needed, repeat these steps for shipping profiles as well.

3. Editing text elements

You can edit texts of the plugin in the CMS » Multilingualism menu. The texts can be adapted into all available system languages. To do so, proceed as described below.

Adapting language files:

  1. Go to CMS » Multilingualism.

  2. On the left side, select the Source language from the drop-down list.

  3. On the right side, select the Target language from the drop-down list.

  4. Expand the section payment method in the PayUponPickup area.

  5. Enter the text for the individual text elements in the area of the target language.

  6. Save () the settings.

  7. Deploy the plugin set again to apply these changes.

By selecting German as the Target language, you can adapt the German labels for your online shop. The selected labels are then also applied in the back end, only the addition Plugin remains. This way, it remains traceable where a payment method comes from. Reload the back end to see the changes. Find more information on how to edit online shop texts on the manual page Editing online store texts.

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