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Online bank transfer

With the Online bank transfer plugin, you integrate the Klarna payment method Online bank transfer (Klarna Sofort) in your online shop and make it available to your customers. To do so, download the Online bank transfer plugin from the plentyMarketplace . You also have to carry out a few basic settings in your plentymarkets system so that the payment methods are activated in your system.
The explanations in this section apply after adding the plugin. You can find more information on adding and installing plugins in the Plugins section of the manual.


The sofort-Plugin has been developed for use with plentyShop (Ceres) and only works with its structure or other template plugins.

1. Requirement: Opening a merchant account

To work with Sofort, you first need a merchant account . You get information as well as login details when you open the account. Without these, the plugin cannot be set up and is not usable.

2. Setting up a payment method

Before you can use the Online bank transfer plugin you first have to link your merchant account with your plentymarkets system.

Linking the merchant account:

  1. Go to Plugins » Plugin set overview » [select Plugin set].

  2. Open the plugin Online bank transfer.

  3. In the plugin, go to the Configuration » Base settings menu.
    → Note the explanations in Table 1.

  4. Enter the Configuration key.
    → You get this key during the registration process.

  5. Carry out further settings in the Extended settings area.

  6. Save () the settings.

Table 1. Linking template containers
Setting Explanation

Basic settings

Activate the payment method

No is selected as default.
To activate the payment method, select Yes.

Configuration key

You get the configuration key during the configuration process . The payment method is not activated without a correct input of the key.
Example for the structure of a configuration key: {Customer number}:{Project ID}:{API key}

Set order status directly to 4/5

Activate this option if orders with the payment method Online bank transfer should automatically get the order status 4 or 5 after payment.

Advanced settings

Reason 1

Sets up the reason for the bank transfer (max. 27 characters, special characters are be replaced/removed). The following placeholders are allowed:
transaction_id = Transaction ID
customer_name = Name of the customer
customer_email = The email address of the customer
Standard: transaction_id

Reason 2

Sets up the reason for the bank transfer (max. 27 characters, special characters are be replaced/removed). Additionally, the following placeholders are possible:
customer_id = Customer ID
customer_company = Company name of the customer
Default: –

Payment in the system but no order exists

It can happen that an online bank transfer payment is in the system but the corresponding order is not. This happens when customers are not correctly redirected to the checkout. This workflow is defined by Klarna. Changing it would require an adaptation of the plugin and this has to be demanded by Klarna.

3. Customer classes and shipping profiles

Make sure the payment method is allowed in the customer classes and is not deactivated in the shipping profiles. For this, you should consider first for which customer classes and shipping profiles the payment method should be allowed. This can be set individually.

Permitting the payment method in a customer class:

  1. Go to Setup » CRM » Customer classes.

  2. Open the customer class for which you want to permit the payment method.

  3. Select the payment method from the list Permitted payment methods.

  4. Save () the settings.

  5. If needed, repeat these steps for other customer classes as well.

Checking payment method in existing shipping profiles:

  1. Go to Setup » Orders » Shipping » Settings.

  2. Click on the Shipping profiles tab.

  3. Open the shipping profile in which the payment method should be allowed.

  4. Check whether the payment method is selected in the Blocked payment methods area.

  5. Deselect the payment method if you want to allow it for this shipping profile.

  6. Save () the settings.

  7. If needed, repeat these steps for shipping profiles as well.

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