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With the Mollie plugin, you integrate the Mollie payment methods in your online shop and make them available to your customers. To do so, download the Mollie plugin from the plentyMarketplace . Setup of the payment method is done with an assistant. You also have to carry out a few basic settings in your plentymarkets system so that the payment method is activated in your system.
The explanations in this section apply after adding the plugin. You can find more information on adding and installing plugins in the Plugins section of the manual.

1. Requirement: Registering with Mollie

To use Mollie, you need a Mollie account and the login data. Without these, the plugin cannot be set up and is not usable. If you don’t have a Mollie account yet, register first  .

2. Completing the assistant

After you installed the plugin, the corresponding assistant is available in the Setup » Assistants » Plugins menu. Proceed as follows to complete the assistant and thus set up the payment method.

Setting up a payment method:

  1. Go to Setup » Assistants » Plugins » [select Plugin set].

  2. Select the assistant Mollie.

  3. Complete the assistant.
    → Mollie is available in your online shop.

Completing the assistant again

In some cases, you have to complete the assistant again. If you deactivate a Mollie payment method, which is activated in your plentymarkets system, directly via the dashboard in your Mollie account after you have already completed the assistant, you have to complete it again. If you run it again, the settings will match and cannot lead to a misconfiguration.

Single-click payments

With the function Single-click payments, your customers can save their credit card details directly with Mollie by creating a Mollie customer account. This way, they don’t have to enter their payment details every time they buy something and payment processing is faster. If you want to make this function available to your customers, you have to activate it in the assistant.
If you have activated Single-click payments, you can see which of your customers use this function. In this case, a unique ID assigned by Mollie is saved in the corresponding contact data set in plentymarkets. In addition, the customers who use Single-click payments are also listed in your Mollie account.

3. Linking template containers

Proceed as follows to set up container links:

  1. Go to Plugins » Plugin set overview.

  2. Open the plugin set you want to edit.

  3. Open the plugin Mollie.

  4. Open the Container links.

  5. Select one or more containers in which the previously selected content is to be displayed.
    → Pay attention to the information provided in Table 1.

  6. Save () the settings.
    → The content is linked to the containers.

Table 1. Linking template containers
Content Explanation

Payment button (Mollie)

The containers Order confirmation: Additional payment information and My account: Additional payment information have to be linked to display the payment Mollie payment button in the checkout.

4. Customer classes and shipping profiles

Make sure that the payment method is allowed in the customer classes and is not deactivated in the shipping profiles. For this, you should consider first for which customer classes and shipping profiles the payment method should be allowed. This can be set individually.

Permitting the payment method in a customer class:

  1. Go to Setup » CRM » Classes.

  2. Open the customer class for which you want to permit the payment method.

  3. Select the payment method from the list Permitted payment methods by clicking on it.

  4. Save () the settings.

If needed, repeat these steps for other customer classes as well.

Checking payment method in existing shipping profiles:

  1. Go to Setup » Orders » Shipping » Settings.

  2. Change into the Shipping profiles tab.

  3. Open the shipping profile in which the payment method should be allowed.

  4. Check whether the payment method is selected in the Blocked payment methods area.

  5. Deselect the payment method if you want to allow it for this shipping profile.

  6. Save () the settings.

If needed, repeat these steps for shipping profiles as well.

5. Setting up event procedures

To send all the necessary data to Mollie, 3 separate event procedures are needed. The events are the shipping of the order items, cancellations and refunds. Mollie needs to be informed if these are initiated. Proceed as follows to set up the event procedures.

Setting up an event procedure

Setup of an event procedure:

  1. Go to Setup » Orders » Events.

  2. Click on Add event procedure.
    → The Create new event procedure window opens.

  3. Enter a name.

  4. Select the Event as listed in tables 2-4.

  5. Save () the settings.

  6. Carry out the settings according to tables 2-4.

  7. Activate the option Active.

  8. Save () the settings.

5.1. Registering shipment with Mollie

Table 2. Event procedure “Mollie | Register shipment”
Setting Option Selection


Select the event to trigger a shipment.

Filter 1

Order > Payment method

Plugin: Mollie:*


Plugin > Mollie:

Register shipment

This event procedure can also be used for delivery orders. The delivery order is then registered with Mollie as a partial shipment.

5.2. Registering cancellations with Mollie

Table 3. Event procedure: *Mollie | Register cancellation”
Setting Option Selection


Select the event to trigger a shipment.

Filter 1

Order > Payment method

Plugin: Mollie:*


Plugin > Mollie

Register cancellation

Note that an order cannot be cancelled as long as a payment is pending. The expiry times for the different payment methods are determined by Mollie and can be found on this page .

5.3. Registering refunds with Mollie

If you create a credit note order for an order which was paid with Mollie, Mollie has to be informed about this. Make sure that the order items which are to be refunded are contained in the credit note order. You can find more information about credit note orders in general in the chapter Working with credit note orders of the manual.


We recommend to connect the registration of a refund with the status change of an order as an event.

Table 4. Event procedure “Mollie | Register refund”
Setting Option Selection


Select the event to trigger a shipment.

Filter 1

Order > Payment method

Plugin: Mollie:*


Plugin > Mollie

Register refund

Following the procedure Mollie | Register refund, two additional events are available to illustrate the further process of the order: Mollie refund failed and Mollie refund successful. You can optionally set up event procedures with these events in the same way as described above.

6. Editing text elements

You can edit texts of the plugin in the CMS » Multilingualism menu. The texts can be adapted into all available system languages. To do so, proceed as described below.

Adapting language files:

  1. Go to CMS » Multilingualism.

  2. On the left side, select the Source language from the drop-down list.

  3. On the right side, select the Target language from the drop-down list.

  4. Expand the sections messages and payment methods in the Mollie area.

  5. Enter the text for the individual text elements in the area of the target language.

  6. Save () the settings.

Find more information in how to edit online shop texts on the manual page Editing online store texts.

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