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Repair slip

Repair slips are used together with the order type repair. Thus, repairs and repair slips are always linked to returned items which are in need of repair. This is why repair slips can only be created for an repair order.

1. Setting up a document template for repair slips

Before generating repair slips, you have to set up a document template. Go to Setup » Client » [Select client] » Locations » [Select location] » Documents » Repair slip to set up the template.
Further information and instructions on setting up the document template are available on the Order documents page of the manual.

2. Generatung a single repair slip

Repair slips can only be created for repair orders. To generate a single repair slip for a specific repair order, proceed as follows.

Generating a single repair slip:

  1. Go to Orders » Edit orders.
    → The order overview opens.

  2. Use the filters to search () for the repair order for which you want to generate a repair slip.

  3. Open the required repair order.

  4. Go to the Receipts tab.

  5. Select the document Repair slip from the Create receipt drop-down list.

  6. Carry out the settings according to Table 1.

  7. Save () the settings to generate the repair slip.
    → A PDF file of the just generate repair slip opens.

Table 1. Settings for repair slips in Create receipt menu
Setting Explanation


Select the date that is displayed on the repair slip. The present date is set by default.


The document number is assigned automatically. No entry is required in this field.

Book outgoing items

Select by choosing YES or NO whether outgoing items should be booked when the repair slip is created.

Change order status to status

Choose an order status to which the repair order is to be changed after the repair slip is created. If you don’t want the order status to change, select No change .


The text entered here is displayed below the order items. The entry of a text is optional.

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