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1. Document archive

In the document archive you can view single PDF documents that have been generated before or you can generate a zip file that contains multiple PDF files. PDF documents that are created in your plentymarkets system will be saved in this archive.

You can find PDF documents of the following documents here:

  • Invoices

  • External invoices

  • Delivery notes

  • Credit notes

  • Order confirmations

  • Offers

  • Reorders

  • Dunning letters

  • Repair slips

  • Pick-up deliveries

  • Return labels

  • Entry certificates (Gelangensbestätigung)

1.1. Searching for PDF documents in the archive

In this menu, you can search for PDF documents that have a certain document type and that were generated within a certain period of time. The documents are listed chronologically.

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Image 1: the document archive

Searching for PDF documents:

  1. Go to Orders » Document archive.

  2. Please select the settings that you want to use in the search. Pay attention to the information given in table 1.

  3. Click on search.

Table 1. Search parameters in the document archive
Setting Explanation


allows you to search for a specific document. Enter a number to search for the document with that number. The document, date and client filter also have to match the document’s properties.


Select a document type to only see these documents.


Select a period to only search for documents within that period of time. The period is set to one day by default - from yesterday to today.

Client (store)

Select one client or all clients

per page

Select a quantity. The quantity limits the number of results displayed per page.

Opening the customer data or an order:

Click on the order ID to open the order belonging to the document or on the customer ID to open the customer.

Opening a PDF document:

Click on the link in the file column to open the PDF document.

1.2. Exporting Zip files

The Zip files that you can export here contain multiple PDF documents. This way you can export large numbers of documents at once.

Exporting Zip files:

  1. Go to Orders » Document archive.

  2. Click on the Export tab.

  3. Select a document.

  4. Select a client or all.

  5. Select a period of time.

  6. Select whether export should include subfolders or not.
    → With subfolders means that the export includes one subfolder per month.

  7. Click on the gear-wheel icon to export the ZIP file.

The export fails

A maximum of 6,000 PDFs can be zipped and exported. If your export fails, the reason may be that the number of PDFs outreaches the maximum of 6,000. Please select a smaller period of time to reduce the number of PDFs. If you have already reduced the period of time to one day all documents for that day will be zipped and exported regardless of the maximum. In other words when you have reached the smallest period of time that can be selected the file maximum will be ignored.

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