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This area contains all information about incoming orders and how to proceed after receiving orders. Depending on the sales strategy and markets you choose, orders from different referrers are transferred to your plentymarkets system. Apart from your own online shop, order referrers are primarily the different markets and price search engines.

Among others, plentymarkets offers you an extensive interface to Amazon. This interface does not only include automatic synchronisation with Seller Central, but also further services offered by Amazon such as for example Fulfilment by Amazon.

Thanks to the comprehensive eBay interface integrated in plentymarkets, you can start listings and display eBay shop items on eBay, retrieve orders, automatically post feedback and start dunning procedures for customers ordering via eBay.

Incoming orders are collected in one menu and displayed in a consistent format so that you can easily manage these orders. Each order receives an individual order ID. Additional steps taking place after incoming orders, such as sending the order confirmation, sending emails or generating order documents, can be automated. In addition to main orders representing orders placed by customers, several other order types exist in plentymarkets. Order types represent different business transactions.

The following order types are available in plentymarkets:

Documents necessary for a quick fulfilment process, such as pick list and packing list are available in plentymarkets as well.

Use the Shipping centre to register shipping orders, edit them if needed of search for particular shipping orders.

In order to manage orders and business transactions efficiently in your plentymarkets system, you can also create processes and have them run automatically. Processes offer the highest potential of automation for your plentymarkets system. Moreover, there are also event procedures as well as the procedure manager available to you to facilitate your order processing with automatisms.

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