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Setting up IO

The plentymarkets online store is split into two plugins: Ceres  provides the design of the online store and can be adapted to suit your personal needs. The plugin IO  containts the base PHP functions for the online store and provides the logic for all design plugins. On this manual page, you will learn how to set up the IO plugin.

==Setting up IO in plentymarkets

In order to set up a Ceres online store, the plugins Ceres and IO need to be saved and deployed in a plugin set. Furthermore, the plugin IO needs to be assigned the highest position number in the plugin set via the Set position action in the Plugins » Plugin overview menu.

Old online store will be unavailable

When deploying the online store plugins Ceres and IO in plugin set, the old plentymarkets online store Callisto will be unavailable. Ceres and IO will use the URL of the online store.

After these preparations, go to Plugins » Plugin overview and click on the plugin IO.

1. Editing IO settings

The IO configuration contains the 3 tabs Template, Number formats and Routeing.

Table 1. Editing IO settings
Setting Explanation


Namespace of the used template plugin

Enter the name of the template plugin you are using. This is Ceres in almost every case. Users who want to replace Ceres with a completely different template plugin need to the enter its name in this field, so that IO can properly interact with the plugin. This setting is directed at advanced users only. If you enter a different name while still using the Ceres template plugin, it is likely that issues will arise in the online store.

Number formats

Number of decimal places

Enter the number of decimal places to be used in the online store. The default number of decimal places is two.

Decimal separator

Enter the decimal separator you want to use in the online store. The default decimal separator is the comma.

Thousands separator

Enter the thousands separator you want to use in the online store. The defaul thousands separator is the period.

Use customer-specific price format

Select if prices are to be displayed in the respective price formats of your online store customers.


Enable routes

Activate the routes used in Ceres. All routes need to be active for using the unmodified version of Ceres. If you want to implement the Ceres checkout in your Callisto online store, several routes have to be deactivated. Please refer to our Best Practice for further information.

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