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plentyShop preview

The plentyShop preview lets you view your store in a state that your customers cannot access. This allows you to test a new design before making it public for example.

1. Entry points

You can open the preview () in several back end areas:

  • Page in ShopBuilder

  • Categories in the Item » Category menu

  • Item

  • Variation

  • Plugin set

Depending on the area, you may have to select the plugin set or client you want to preview.

2. Display options

In the preview, you can toggle various contents. For further information on the different options, refer to the following table:

Table 1. Options in the plentyShop preview
Option Explanation

Show unavailable items

By default, the preview only shows items that are available for the client you selected. If you activate this option, the preview instead shows all items of your systems.

Show shop preview

Toggles the preview on and off. If you toggle the preview off, you can only select the plugin set from the drop-down list that’s linked to the current client.

Render widgets directly

Load all templates directly from your ShopBuilder widgets.
Important: In a live environment, the previews doesn’t load the templates directly. The live environment uses templates that are generated when deploying the plugin set. That’s why the preview and live view can be different if you activate this option.

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