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Old: CMS & online store

This manual page describes functions that pertain to the old plentymarkets online shop Callisto. For information regarding the online store template Ceres, please refer to the Setting up Ceres page.

1. Treepodia

You can use Treepodia  to equip each of your items with a video without any preproduction costs. The Treepodia interface offers you the possibility to automatically create product videos from item images and to integrate them in the SingleArticle layout of store items. The Treepodia service also includes generating a video sitemap, which helps you to get better SEO effects in Google. The effectiveness of the product videos in terms of higher conversion rates can be measured on the basis of daily updated data.
Different packages can be booked depending on the size of your shop. Size is measured in terms of visitors per month and the number of different items in the catalog.

2. Setting up Treepodia

Please read the information in section 2.1 before setting up the interface in plentymarkets.

2.1. Closing a contract with Treepodia

You need a store UUID in order to set up Treepodia in your plentymarkets system. You will receive this from Treepodia when you close a contract with them. Get in contact with Treepodia and close a contract with them. The following link  contains pricing information and gives you the possibility to directly register for the Treepodia service.


A separate contract has to be closed for each client (store).

2.2. Adding text to videos

There are two possibilities to add text to Treepodia videos.

2.2.1. Global slogans

Global slogans are one possibility. If you do not yet - especially at the beginning - have enough individual video text on the item level, then you can use global store slogans. These are general pieces of information about your store and they do not apply to a specific item. For example, "guaranteed quality" or similar (Figure 4).
If there are not enough individual video texts that have been selected or set up in free text fields, then the global shop slogans will be included in the videos.

2.2.2. Setting up free text fields

You can use free text fields to create individual texts for your videos.
If you have entered a short description that is suitable for using in a video, then you can select the corresponding free text field (Figure 1).

Create up to 4 free text fields and save a name for each of them, e.g. Treepodia 1, Treepodia 2 etc. Go to the area for editing items and click on the Fields tab. Enter a slogan for each item for Treepodia into the desired free text fields. This can be a feature for all items, e.g. a guarantee period, or a feature for a specific batch of items, e.g. a pivoting display for digital cameras.


Please note that free text fields are activated over night and therefore will only be available the next day.

Tip: Group functions

If you want to configure many items for Treepodia, you can enter the slogans with the help of a group function for all items, selected items or specific batches of items. For the group function you can, for example, also select the items by means of their flag.

2.3. Interface in plentymarkets

The access data is configured in the Setup » Client » Select client » Services » Treepodia menu.

EN Client Services Treepodia 01
Figure 1. Treepodia; settings

The following table explains the settings in the Setup » Client » Select client » Services » Treepodia menu:

Table 1. Treepodia; explanation of the settings




This function activates the entire interface.
Important: Only activate the interface if you have correctly carried out all of the settings.
Important: Item data will only be transferred to Treepodia if the interface is activated.

Store UUID

Enter the store UUID which you received from Treepodia.

Item name

Select which item name is to be used for your Treepodia items.

Items with flags only

You can select one or two conditions here, according to which Treepodia items should be selected. For example, if you select a flag for each of the two options, then only those items will be selected that have these exact flags set for them. This provides you with a precise filter for the selection of items.
Tip: You can use the group function to mark larger quantities of items. For example, to search for and then mark items from a category.

Free text field for alternative image

You have the possibility of saving an alternative image that will be displayed if the video is not available.
Configuration: Save the image’s URL in a free text field and select this here.

Play video

Here you can enter text that you want to have displayed for a button that starts the video. Enter a text, e.g. Play video (Figure 1).

Post video

Here you can enter text that you want to have displayed for a button that posts the video. Enter a text, e.g. Share video (Figure 1).

Post video on the following platforms

Here you can enter text that is displayed about the platforms that users can share the video on, e.g. Available platforms: (Figure 2).


Display a button that links to Facebook: Place a check mark.


Display a button that links to Twitter: Place a check mark.


Display a button that links to LinkedIn: Place a check mark.

Purchase button

Here you can enter text that you want to have displayed for a purchase button.
Caution: Please make sure that the button you are using complies with current legal regulations in your country. In Germany e.g. the button text of the place order button has to be formulated in such a way that it becomes clear that the customer has to pay. This means that place order is not specific enough. The law requires a formulation that could be literally translated as Order with liability to pay or something similar in meaning. The German standard button text in plentymarkets has been changed accordingly. Make sure that you stay up-to-date on this topic and ask a legal adviser if you have any questions.
Tip: Information about this bill can be found here  (in German).
Info: If you leave this field blank, then no purchase button will be displayed.

Polling URL

This polling URL is automatically generated.
This URL lets Treepodia poll an XML file every week, which contains item data for all of the items that a video should be generated for.
Configuration: Send Treepodia a simple email including the polling URL, the shop logo and additional data (e.g. the template and background music that you selected). This can be sent to (CC:
Starting with plentymarkets version 4.5: If you have already sent a polling URL and you export more than 2000 items to Treepodia, then be sure to send Treepodia an updated polling URL starting with this plentymarkets version.
Treepodia and the customers come to an agreement about the polling time.

Video sitemap URL

With the help of the video sitemap you can achieve positive SEO effects in Google. For example, you need the video sitemap URL to save it in the Google Webmaster Tools.
Find more information about this topic: Sending a video XML sitemap 
Configuration: If you want to use the video sitemap, then you need to enter the following in your robots.txt: Allow: /plenty/api/TreepodiaVideoSitemap.php.
Your system’s robots.txt file can be found by going to Setup » Client » Select client » SEO » robots.txt.

EN Client Services Treepodia 02
Figure 2. Treepodia; example for posting the video on the following platforms

2.4. Export settings

2.4.1. Settings

Go to Setup » Markets » Price analysis » Exports and carry out the export settings. Configure an export format for Treepodia there.

EN Client Services Treepodia 03
Figure 3. Treepodia; export settings

The following table explains the settings in the Setup » Markets » Price analysis » Exports menu:

Table 2. Treepodia; explanation of the export settings
Setting Explanation

Data format

If no special format is selected here, then the option standard format for price comparison portals will be set. This can be used for most price search engines.


Enter a name for the data format.

The data format will be listed under this name once it has been created as a submenu within the export tab. You can also edit the data format in this tab.

Order referrer

Make the appropriate selection under order referrer in order to have a record of which price search engine led a customer to your website.
In doing so, the URL will be extended by the corresponding parameter. If a customer lands in your store via a price search engine and purchases an item there, then the respective order referrer URL will be saved.
Tip: Go to Setup » Orders » Order referrer if you would like to create additional order referrers.

Price column

Select the desired price column. The automatically setting means that the price listed in the order referrer will be used. As such, every other setting has a higher priority than the setting in the order referrer.


Select the language for the item export.

Overwrite shipping costs

Here you can overwrite the shipping costs that were configured and replace them with an individual shipping charge. Enter an amount and activate the function (place a check mark).

URL parameter

Here you can enter a suffix (extension) for the URL if this is required for the corresponding export.

Generate cache file

A cache file can not be generated for Treepodia. Please use the Item selection option (see below).

2.4.2. Treepodia settings

Go to Setup » Markets » Price analysis » Exports to save slogans and free text fields.

EN Client Services Treepodia 04
Figure 4. Treepodia; slogans and free text fields

The following table explains the settings in the Setup » Markets » Price analysis » Exports menu:

Table 3. Treepodia; slogans and free text fields




This function activates these settings.
Important: Only activate this if you have correctly carried out all of the settings.
Important: Item data will only be transferred to Treepodia if the interface is activated (Figure 1).

Shop slogans 1 - 4

The slogans should include up to 5 words. See Figure 3 for examples.
Configuration: Enter one or up to four shop slogans here.
Info: The shop slogans 1-4 are used as text in the videos of all those items for which no free text field is available or for which none was selected. Therefore, it is recommended to use slogans which apply to all items in your shop.
Important: If you change shop slogans, this might affect a large number of product videos. Please consider which changes are included in your package. Additional changes are subject to charge.

Free text fields 1 - 4

Here, select a free text field that a slogan for Treepodia was saved in. With your individual numbering 1 - 4 you determine the order of the slogans in the videos. For free text field 1 select the free text field with the slogan which you want to be displayed first and so on.

2.4.3. Filter and formatting

Go to Setup » Markets » Price analysis » Exports to configure filters and formatting.

EN Client Services Treepodia 05
Figure 5. Treepodia; additional export settings

The following table explains the settings in the Setup » Markets » Price analysis » Exports menu:

Table 4. Treepodia; additional export settings
Setting Explanation


Items with images only

Select the option (place a check mark) if you want to export items with images only.

Items with category only

Select this option (place a check mark) if you only want images to be exported that are assigned to a category.

Items with flags only

Select a flag or one of the options all items, all items with flag 1, all items without flag 1.

Client (store)

Setting all: all stores or standard setting: only the standard store.

Item selection

Select the items that should be exported. Standard: 1-4000.
You can export up to 4000 items at once and filter which type of item information you want to be exported


Export images

Select which images you wish to export.

Item name

Which name should be exported: name 1 (name), name 2 or name 3?

Item description

You can select whether the description, the preview text or the technical data should be displayed as the descriptive text.


Here you can find the URL for the price search engines.

Export item now

Click on this link to export the items.

2.5. Template variables

The following template variables are for the integration of videos in the item layouts:

Table 5. Treepodia; explanation of the template variables

Template variable



Adds the corresponding video to the item layout.
Tip: One place where it makes sense to display the video is below the description.


In combination with the template variable $TreepodiaVideo[1][1], this template variable will automatically start the video when the detailed view of an item is opened.
Configuration: Insert the function {%$TreepodiaVideoAutoplay= 1 %} in front of the template variable $TreepodiaVideo[1][1] in the ItemViewSingleItem template.


Adds a button to the layout that will start the video. The corresponding text will be saved in the code.

2.6. Item images

Treepodia uses your item images to automatically create videos. Please note the following requirements:

  • We recommend that you arrange your images systematically, i.e. the first image should show the item as a whole and the following images can show other partial views. Control the order of the images with the help of the position numbers in the image settings of the respective item.

  • All of an item’s image URLs will be transferred to Treepodia.

  • The item images will be transferred in the order of the position numbers.

  • JPEG is the preferred data format. However, it is also possible to use the formats BMP, PNG and GIF.

  • Ideally, the resolution should be 500 x 500 pixels. The minimum is 200 x 200 pixels.

2.7. Item export

The following conditions have to be met for a successful export to Treepodia:

  • The interface has to be activated (Figure 1 and Table 1).

  • The item flags have to correspond to the flags that are selected (Table 1).

  • At least one image has to be saved per item.

  • At least one category link has to be saved for the item and the corresponding category has to be activated.

  • The page name (entry: URL_content) has to be saved for items or the items must have been accessed at least once in the store.

  • The online store and web API options have to be set to VISIBLE in the item’s availability tab.

  • The maximum amount of items to be exported may not exceed 5000 since the number of videos per store is limited to 5000 (standard contract).

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