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Old: CMS & online store

This manual page describes functions that pertain to the old plentymarkets online shop Callisto. For information regarding the online store template Ceres, please refer to the Setting up Ceres page.

1. picalike

picalike is a tool for comparing images. It helps your customers in the search for appropriate items.
Item images become more and more important in e-commerce. With picalike, you extend your property search function (filtering according to price, gender, category etc.) by another dimension: similarity. This will bring a completely new shopping experience to your store visitors.
picalike analyzes your item images and builds up an index of similarities between them. If a store visitor filters according to similarity, then picalike will be informed which image should be used as a reference and it will then show similar images in a list.

2. Registering with picalike

Get in touch with picalike and sign up for the image search. Please pay attention to the following points:

  • You will find detailed information about functions and costs on the picalike website. Clarify these details before you activate picalike in plentymarkets.

  • picalike needs to have your plentymarkets system’s export URL for the image search. Go to Setup » Client » Settings » Services » picalike to find the URL (Figure 2).

  • You need the picalike API KEY for activation. This key is saved in the Setup menu of your picalike admin area (Figure 1).

EN Settings Client Global Services Picalike 01 SI
Figure 1. API KEY for activation in plentymarkets

3. Activating picalike in plentymarkets

Proceed as described below to activate the picalike image search in plentymarkets. There are two steps to the configuration:

Configuring the settings for picalike:

  1. Go to Setup » Client » Settings » Services » picalike.

  2. Pay attention to the explanations given in the following table and carry out the settings as desired.

  3. Save the settings.

EN Settings Client Global Services Picalike 02 SI
Figure 2. settings for picalike

Explanations of the options in the picalike menu:

Table 1. settings for picalike
Setting Explanation

Activate picalike

Select Yes if you want to activate picalike and No if you want to deactivate the image search (again).

API key

Copy the API key from the Setup menu of your picalike account (Figure 1) and paste it into this line.

Export URL

picalike needs the export URL to activate the image search. The URL is created by the system and should already be entered in this line when you open the menu for the first time.
Important: Make sure that you have transmitted the export URL to picalike. Otherwise, the image search can not be used.

Search scope

You can determine the category levels in which the search is to be carried out.

Integrating the picalike image search in the template:

  1. Go to CMS » Web design » Layout » ItemView » ItemViewSingleItem.

  2. Insert the following code at a suitable position:
    <a id="link_picalike_$ID" href="{% Link_PicalikeSearch(1) %}" rel="nofollow">Search for similar images</a>
    → The text Search for similar images will be displayed as a link in the online store. You can replace the text with any other preferred text.

  3. Save the settings.

4. Integrating an image search with several images

If you want to have a selection of several item images, then you need to add an "onclick" event to each one of them.

onClick command

The onclick command consists of the following information:
⇒ 5
= Item image number 5

Onclick events are separated from each other with semicolons.

Every image in the item layout needs to have an individual link. These links are numbered consecutively.

Consequently, the code for the second item image is:

onClick="document.getElementById('link_picalike_$ID').href='{% Link_PicalikeSearch(2) %}';"

Integrating the picalike item search with several images into the template:

  1. Go to CMS » Web design » Layout » ItemView » ItemViewSingleItem.

  2. Insert the respective code for the additional item images as shown in Figure 3.

  3. Save the settings.

In Figure 3 , you can see where the code for item Figure 2 will be inserted (arrow): in front of the triangular bracket.

Proceed in the same way for any additional images.

EN Settings Client Global Services Picalike 03 SI
Figure 3. inserting the code for additional item images

5. Help

Please contact our support if you have any additional questions or if an error occurs.

Contact picalike:

Sebastian Kielmann
Managing Director

picalike GmbH
Wendenstr. 130
D-20537 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 468 95 17 - 11
Fax: +49 40 468 95 17 - 99

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