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Old: CMS & online store

This manual page describes functions that pertain to the old plentymarkets online shop Callisto. For information regarding the online store template Ceres, please refer to the Setting up Ceres page.

1. General information

Lionbridge  enables more than 800 world-leading brands to increase international market share, speed adoption of products and effectively engage their customers in local markets worldwide. (Source: Lionbridge)

Lionbridge makes it possible for you to have your items translated. This allows you to attract even more potential buyers on the international market.

2. Registering with Lionbridge

In order to use the service provided by Lionbridge, you are required to register first. In doing so, you will receive the access data that you need for the configuration in plentymarkets. Click on the following link to register with Lionbridge: .


The URL for registering with Lionbridge includes the ending utm_source=plentymarkets. This way, Lionbridge automatically associates you with plentymarkets.

After you created your user account for Lionbridge you will receive your access data for the activation in plentymarkets. You will find your Access key ID and the Secret access key within the API information area at the bottom of your Lionbridge profile page.

3. Activating Lionbridge in plentymarkets

Save the access data that you received when registering with Lionbridge. The access data consists of an Access key ID and a Secret access key.

EN Settings Client Global Settings Services Lionbridge 01
Figure 1. access data for the activation in plentymarkets

Activating Lionbridge in plentymarkets:

  1. Go to Setup » Client » Settings » Services » Lionbridge.

  2. Enter the Access key ID that you received from Lionbridge.

  3. Enter the Secret access key that you received from Lionbridge.

  4. Place a check mark next to the option Active to activate the module.

  5. Save the settings.

Module visibility

If the module is not activated (no check mark) then Lionbridge will not be displayed for editing in the group function.

After saving the settings, your Lionbridge Service will be retrieved and saved automatically. This service, which is automatically assigned to you by Lionbridge, will be available to select in the drop-down list Service within the group function.

4. Translating items

You can have your items translated as soon as Lionbridge is activated in plentymarkets. Select the items you want to have translated in the Item » Edit item menu and use the group function to carry out further necessary settings.

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