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Family card Hesse

Setup » Client » Settings » Services » Family card

Old: CMS & online store

This manual page describes functions that pertain to the old plentymarkets online shop Callisto. For information regarding the online store template Ceres, please refer to the Setting up Ceres page.

1. General information

The family card Hesse was introduced by the government of Hesse in collaboration with partners from the field of economics and other institutions. It is an additional building block towards creating a modern family policy, which deals with the needs of families. In the form of a check card, families in Hesse have been able to use this card since September 11th, 2010 in order to receive a variety of discounts and support in several areas. Further information (in German) can be found here: .

2. Becoming a partner

On the family card Hesse website, you can also find information about how you can become a partner  and what this partnership includes.

3. Setting up family card Hesse in plentymarkets


The Family card Hesse menu is only visible for plentymarkets systems that have the system language German.

You need a customer class for customers who use the family card Hesse, which specifies the discount that should be given. In general, it is recommended that you set up a separate customer class for this purpose.

EN Settings Client Global External Family Card Hesse01 SI
Figure 1. creating a customer class for family card Hesse

Creating a customer class:

  1. Go to Setup » CRM » Classes and click on the New customer class tab.

  2. Enter a name.

  3. Select a price column and a discount type.

  4. Enter the discount or the discounts into the table.

  5. Select Gross in the line Display of the prices in the online store.

  6. Save the settings.

For further information about discounts, refer to the Using the discount system chapter of the manual.

Once you have created the customer classes, you still have to assign them to your customers. Specify which customer class should automatically be assigned to customers who are family card members and which class should be assigned to customers who have an expired family card.

Assigning customer classes:

  1. Go to Setup » Client » Settings » Services » Family card.

  2. Select a customer class for the lower two options.

  3. Save the settings.

EN Settings Client Global External Family Card Hesse02 SI
Figure 2. assigning customer classes
Assignment of expired family cards

No customer class will be assigned to expired cards if it is the customer’s first time logging in. For login attempts with an expired card that take place after there had previously been a successful login, the customer class will automatically be adapted as it was configured above.

4. Inserting the template variable and CSS code

Before your customers can select the option family card Hesse in the online store, you have to insert the template variable $FamilienKarteLogin into your design. Select an appropriate spot, e.g. under the login area. Insert the template variable and CSS code into your design as described below.

<!--  End Box Login -->
{% if $CustomerID %} <br /> $FamilienKarteLogin <br /> {% endif %}
<!--  Box Familienkarte -->

Inserting the template variable:

  1. Go to CMS » Web design » Layout » PageDesign » PageDesignContent.

  2. Insert the code and template variable into an appropriate spot.

  3. Save the settings.

  4. Check the layout in your online store and make any necessary corrections.

Visibility of the family card box in the online store

The code includes an if-query, which ensures that the family card box will only be displayed when the customer has logged into your online store. The box’s other elements are the default store’s CSS codes.

5. Visibility and login

The family card Hesse login box is only visible once the respective customer has logged into the online store.

During the first successful login, the system will save the family card access data. Afterwards, as soon as the customer in question has logged into the online store, the login with their family card access data will take place automatically.

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