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Customer feedback

Old: CMS & online store

This manual page describes functions that pertain to the old plentymarkets online shop Callisto. For information regarding the online store template Ceres, please refer to the Setting up Ceres page.

By using the customer feedback module in the menu Setup » Client » Settings » Feedback, you can allow your customers to evaluate and comment on items, categories or blog entries in your online store. This menu also includes a Feedback tab. This is an answer function that allows customers to evaluate and comment on the feedback that was submitted by other customers.

1. Configuring customer feedback

Use the menu Setup » Client » Settings » Feedback to specify which areas of your store customers should be allowed to give feedback in. The menu is divided into 4 tabs that represent different areas of the store.

  • Item: Evaluations of items

  • Category: Evaluations of categories of the type Item and Content

  • Blog: Evaluations of blog entries

  • Feedback: Evaluations of other customer feedback

All of the tabs include the same settings. Therefore, the configuration described below is identical for all tabs.

Activating customer feedback:

  1. Go to Setup » Client » Settings » Feedback.

  2. Open the tab that you want to configure.

  3. Pay attention to the explanations given in Table 1 and carry out the settings as desired.

  4. Save the settings.

Table 1. activating customer feedback
Setting Explanation

Rating active?

Specify whether the feedback function should be available and who should be able to use it.
No = Deactivate feedback for this area.
Always = Activate feedback for this area.
Only for customers = Only activate feedback for customers who are logged in.

Maximum rating

Select the maximum value that can be given in the rating.
Important: Use the setting 1 if you want your customers to vote on a specific issue. In this case, one star is a yes vote and zero stars is a no vote. Do not display a rating scale in this case. This also needs to be customised in the CMS area. Otherwise it would look like only low, one-star ratings were received.
Caution: Evaluations that were already submitted can not be converted to a different rating scale. If this setting is changed after evaluations have been submitted, then the average rating will no longer match the rating scale.

Comments active?

Specify whether the comment function should be available and who should be able to use it.
No = Deactivate comments for this area.
Always = Activate comments for this area.
Only for customers = Only activate comments for customers who are logged in.

Visibility of new comments

Specify whether new comments should be visible in the online store as soon as they are received or whether they should initially be invisible. Comments are found in the menu CMS » Customer feedback. They can be made visible or invisible here.

Show customer name

Specify how customers' names should be displayed when they have logged in and left feedback.
Show first name = Only the customer’s first name will be displayed.
Show first name and surname = The customer’s first and last name will be displayed.

2. Example configuration in the CMS

The customer feedback function is designed in the CMS menu. For further information about configuring the function as shown in Figure 1 , refer to the Customer feedback page of the manual.

EN Client Global Customer Feedback 01
Figure 1. appearance in the online store

3. Sending customers a feedback reminder

It is a good idea to send customers an email and let them know that they can submit feedback. This email can automatically be sent with help of the procedure manager. Create an email template in advance and link this template to the procedure.

Pay attention to the market’s terms and conditions

Understand each market’s terms and conditions before you request feedback for your online store. Some markets only allow you to request feedback if specific requirements are met. Some markets do not permit this at all. Exclude such markets from the automatic reminder function by opening the Procedure manager and using the Referrer option.

Tip: Manually sending an email template

You can also manually send a shipping confirmation email once you have shipped the items. Simply open the order and click on the Email tab to manually send an email. Customers will receive a link to the order overview in this email. Design the order overview so that it includes an area where customers can submit their feedback. Customers can use this link to change their feedback any time.

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