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Old: CMS & online store

This manual page describes functions that pertain to the old plentymarkets online shop Callisto. For information regarding the online store template Ceres, please refer to the Setting up Ceres page.

1. Information about Cliplister

Cliplister offers shop owners a variety of product-related video clips. Along with item descriptions and pictures, these provide an additional impression of the product. This offers several advantages for your online store: Increased attention from visitors, optimized product presentation, precise product information, a lasting increase in conversion and a strengthening of your market presence.

This page contains information about the Cliplister video settings that are available for your individual clients (stores). Before carrying out the configuration, you have to activate Cliplister in the menu Setup » Client » Settings » Services » Cliplister.

2. Configuration

The settings available for Cliplister are described below. The configuration has to be carried out individually for each client (store). This allows you to save different settings for the Language, Motion picture rating and Player in the item layout for your individual clients (stores).

2.1. Clip languages

Figure 1 shows an overview of all the languages that Cliplister currently uses for categorizing its clips.

EN Settings Client Standard Services Cliplister 01 SI
Figure 1. configuring languages

Basic rules for configuring the languages:

  • The order that the languages are listed in plays a significant role, i.e.: when searching for item clips, Cliplister will give priority to a language that is ranked higher up in the list.

  • The only clips that will be taken into consideration in the search are the ones that are in the marked languages.

  • If no value was saved, then the default setting Layout language / Universally understandable / English will be used.

In the example in Figure 1 , the combination of the order and the marking results in Cliplister primarily searching for clips in the layout language. If Cliplister does not find any clips in the layout language, then universally understandable clips will be used. If no universally understandable clips are available, then English clips will be searched for.

Configuring languages

  1. Go to Cliplister (see path above).

  2. Sort all of the languages that you want to activate in the order of the priority that you want them to have. To do so, click on a language and position it using the yellow arrows to the right.

  3. Click on a language you want to activate.

  4. In order to select multiple languages, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) or the Apple key (MacOS) and click on all the languages you want to activate.

  5. In order to display clips in all languages, place a check mark next to Activate all languages. Any previous selection made in the list will be ignored if you select this option.

  6. Save the settings.

Useful language configuration

It is recommended that you give the highest ranking to the entry Layout language. This gives preference to the customer’s own language, i.e. the language in which they are viewing your online store. Clips marked Universally understandable are ones that do not use any language at all or are ones that Cliplister categorizes as being intelligible for all people. For a multilingual store, it would make sense to set up a language configuration by activating Layout language, Universally understandable and English (in this order).

2.2. Motion picture rating

Here you enter an age setting that is equivalent to the motion picture rating value and thus limits the clips that will be shown in the online store. Enter a whole number or place a check mark next to The item’s motion picture rating in order to use the motion picture rating saved for the individual item (see Figure 2).

EN Settings Client Standard Services Cliplister 02 SI
Figure 2. Cliplister motion picture rating

If the value is set to 18, then videos will also be played that are not suitable for younger audiences. If the value is set to 0, then videos will only be played that do not have an age restriction.

Default value for the motion picture rating

If no number has been entered or if the option The item’s motion picture rating is selected but no rating was set for the item itself, then Cliplister will automatically use the value "16 years old".

2.3. Player in the item layout

You can select various settings for displaying the player in the item layout.

EN Settings Client Standard Services Cliplister 03 SI
Figure 3. configuring the player

The following table explains the settings in the Setup » Client » Select client » Services » Cliplister menu:

Table 1. settings for how the player should be displayed
Setting Explanation

Width / height (pixels)

Here, define which size you would like the player to be. This entry is based on the size in pixels. Enter a whole number.
If you would like to make the entire size dependent on either the width or the height, then enter one of these two values only. The missing value will automatically be calculated and saved, based upon the format "3:4".

Design slot number

Enter the number of a design slot that you created in Cliplister. Enter the slot number.

Start button

This option lets you define whether an available clip should be played directly or if the customer should have to start the clip by clicking on it. Place a check mark in order to have a start button be shown. If the following Pop-up configuration is activated, then a start button will always be shown.


This option lets you define whether or not an available clip should be started in a pop-up window, which would open when clicking on a start button. Place a check mark in order to start the player in a pop-up window. Please note that pop-ups can be blocked by some browsers or by some browser settings.

3. Inserting the template function

A template function in the detailed view of the item is used to integrate the Cliplister player into your online store.

Integrating the Cliplister player into the item layout

  1. Go to CMS » Web design » Layout » ItemView » ItemViewSingleItem.

  2. Click on the Template variables and template functions button.

  3. Highlight the template function CliplisterVideo() and copy it onto the clipboard.

  4. Go back to the item layout ItemViewSingleItem and insert the template function at the location where you would like it to be.

  5. In addition, you can use the template function CliplisterClipExists() in order to find out if a video is available ahead of time and to put IF-ELSE logic into effect.

  6. Save the settings.

First EAN is used to assign videos

Cliplister uses the item’s first EAN to assign a video to an item. As such, this has to be saved for the item.

Currently, the wildcard character is only available for the detailed view of the item. Upon demand, Cliplister can also be displayed in other areas, e.g. as a clip in the item list or as a possibility to link with cross-selling items. Ask us about this!

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