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Short description

Corresponds to the template Container_ItemViewCrossSellingItemsList or Container_ItemViewCrossSellingItemsList2. However, the items that were recommended by YOOCHOOSE are used instead of the cross-selling items. Youchoose must be activated in the Setup » Client » Select client » Services » YOOCHOOSE menu.

Description of this function

int $ItemViewCrossSellingItemsList_EachRow  ,
int $ItemViewCrossSellingItemsList_DefaultItemSorting  ,
int $ItemViewCrossSellingItemsList_Limit  ,
int $ItemViewCrossSellingItemsList_Minimum  ,
int $ItemViewCrossSellingItemsList_FromLastSeenItem  ,
int $ItemViewCrossSellingItemsList_FromBasket  ,
int $ItemViewCrossSellingItemsList_FromLastSeen
) : string
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