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Template variables

General information

Template variables are similar to private variables. However, template variables differ in the following ways:

  • The first character of template variables is always a dollar sign ($) followed directly by a capital letter.

  • Template variables are predefined variables that can be used in specific templates. As soon as you insert a template variable into a template, it is automatically filled with the relevant content.

  • The content of template variables can not be overwritten or changed in any way. To manipulate the content, you need to assign it to a private variable.


There are two different types of template variables:

Global template variables can be used in all templates. Global template variables are only available for web design and categories. You can find these variables in the Global section of the template variables and functions overview.

EN CMS syntax Template Variables 01

Template variables that are assigned to a specific template are only valid within this template. If such a template variable is used in a different template, it can either not be translated or not filled with the correct content.

EN CMS syntax Template Variables 02


All available template variables are listed in this manual.

Example 1. Web design

List of all template variables that can be used in the templates for designing your online store.

Example 2. Email

These template variables can only be used in email templates.

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