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Template functions

General information

The CMS syntax supports several kinds of functions. These functions can either be used globally or within specific templates.

Global Functions

This section describes the functions that are used in both the web design and email templates.

Some PHP functions have been integrated into the CMS syntax. Their usage corresponds to that directly in PHP.

Web design

Example 1. PageDesign

This section primarily contains link functions that return URLs to specific sections such as categories, home page, shopping cart, etc.

Example 2. Navigation

The functions in this section call various containers for displaying navigation menus (category navigation).

Example 3. ItemView

The largest number of containers and thus functions are available for displaying items (e.g. product page, search result).

Example 4. Category

This section only contains a small number of functions. However, note the function Form() that is used to return forms.

email templates

Some link functions are available for using in email templates.

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