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CMS syntax

The new plentyShop LTS online store

As of now, online store projects are based on the new online store plugin plentyShop LTS. The plentyShop LTS store uses the latest and future-proof plugin technology. plentyShop LTS can be customised easily and extended by additional plugins from the plentyMarketplace .

Online stores that have been created on the basis of the old CMS will be maintained during the transition period. However, no new features will be developed for the old CMS. We recommend to use the new plentyShop LTS online store for all future online store projects.

1. General information

The CMS syntax is a script language that is used in the web design, categories and email templates of plentymarkets. The CMS syntax was introduced in plentymarkets version 5.1. New language constructs and functions are added continuously.

Control structures

2. Templates

You can find information on all templates for designing your online store and your email templates in this chapter of the manual.


This section describes PHP functions that are used in the web design and email templates.

Web design

This section is divided into subsections. These sections describe all templates and functions available for designing your online store.


List of template variables and functions available for creating your email templates.

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