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Best Practices:

Best Practices for the marketplace can be found on this page.

1. Linking properties to attributes

In order to successfully list items on, plentymarkets transfers two files. One file contains product data (product.csv) and the other file contains offer data (inventory.csv). The product.csv is used to list the item. The inventory.csv serves to create the offer. Therefore, this file only contains information about price, stock, and shipping.

It might be useful to add certain attributes to the product data file for various reasons. One reason is to provide the buyer with additional information about the item (material, colour etc.). Another reason is to transfer mandatory information which are required by law for specific products (danger notices, nutrition declarations etc.).

You can add this information by adding properties to the product data file. A new column is added to the product.csv for each property which is linked to
Note: This procedure only works for the product.csv, but not for the inventory.csv.

1.2. How do I add an attribute to the product.csv?

First of all, you have to find out the exact name of the column in the product data file. An overview of these attributes is provided on

For example, if you want to add the attribute material composition to the file, the corresponding property must be named material_composition. Create the new property in your plentymarkets system in the menu System » Item » Properties. The new property will then appear in the CSV file. The property must have the exact same name as the corresponding In addition, you have to link the property to

bp real linking properties
Figure 1. real attribute name

Add the property to the item and enter the corresponding value. Then the information will be displayed in the file.

A new column is added to the product.csv afterwards.

Note: If two properties have the same name, then the property with the lower ID will be overwritten. This way you can overwrite attributes which already exist by default (EAN, name etc.).

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