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Best Practices: idealo

Best Practices for the price search engine idealo can be found here.

1. Item export: Filling the column free_text_field

The column free_text_field, which is included in the plugin format link:^], does not have a fixed function and can be used individually by each retailer. To do so, have your contact person at idealo allocate the free_text_field for synchronisation with a specific type of information.

Limitation: This field can only have one allocation. This means that you cannot use the column free_text_field as e.g. specific shipping costs for one item and as e.g. item name for another item.

1.1. Setting up properties

  1. Go to System » Item » Properties

  2. Select a property.

    1. Option 1: Select an existing property of the property type Text or Auswahl

    2. Option 2: Create a new property of the property type Text or Auswahl

  3. Activate the property’s link to idealo

The property’s link
Figure 1. The property’s link

1.2. Linking a property to an item

  1. Go to Item » Edit item » Open item » Tab: Properties

  2. Activate the property you have just set up in the section Activate further properties

  3. Save the settings for the item

  4. Enter the desired value in the desired language in the section Properties. The language should be the same as the language which was selected in the format settings for the corresponding Elastic Export.

1.3. Assigning the property

In order to allocate the column free_text_field, please contact your contact person at idealo. Your contact person will set up the allocation of the column free_text_field for you.

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