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OTTO market

This page provides information about OTTO market, OTTO’s marketplace model.

1. OTTO market

OTTO market is OTTO’s marketplace. You are shown as the seller of your products. You also manage the customer communication yourself.

2. Setting up OTTO market in plentymarkets

OTTO market is set up with two assistants in the Setup » Assistants menu. Go to Setup » Assistants and work through these assistants to set up the market in your plentymarkets system:

  • OTTO market Basic settings: Set up your OTTO market account in plentymarkets with this assistant.

  • OTTO market Creating catalogues: Create catalogues and catalogue templates for OTTO market with this assistant. Catalogues are used to export items to OTTO market. For further information about catalogues, refer to the Managing catalogues page.

2.1. Further settings in plentymarkets

In order to use OTTO market in plentymarkets, you have to carry out a few more settings in addition to the assistants to ensure that your items are exported properly.

  • Set up the item availability in a item’s Settings tab.

  • Activate an item’s variation in an item’s Settings tab.

  • Variations have to be linked with the OTTO market category group variation property.

Connecting to this market allows for the following automatic functions to take place:

  • Order import every 15 minutes

  • Stock and price update every 15 minutes

  • Item data is updated once a day

3. Setting the item availability

Items have to be available for OTTO market. This is done in the Availability tab of an item within the Item » Edit item » Open item » Tab: Variation ID menu.

Setting the item availability for OTTO market:

  1. Go to Item » Edit item » Open item » Tab: Variation ID » Tab: Settings.

  2. Activate the main variation in the Availability section.

  3. Click on the Availability tab.

  4. Click in the selection field in the Markets section.
    → A list with all available markets is displayed.

  5. Activate the option OTTO market.

  6. Activate the option Web API.

  7. Click on Add ().
    → The market is added.

  8. Save () the settings.
    → The item is available on OTTO market.

The availability for variations can be edited in the Item » Edit item » Open item » Tab: Variations » Open variation » Tab: Variation ID » Tab: Availability menu.

4. Defining a sales price

Proceed as described below to define a sales price for the order referrer OTTO market. This price is displayed on OTTO market.

Defining a sales price for OTTO market:

  1. Go to Setup » Item » Sales prices » Open sales price » Tab: Settings.

  2. Place a check mark next to the referrer OTTO market.

  3. Save () the settings.

5. Setting up event procedures

Set up event procedures to automatically inform OTTO market about order status changes. The following event procedures can be set up for OTTO market:

  • Auftragsbestätigung an OTTO melden

  • Versandinformation an OTTO melden

  • Auftragsstornierung an OTTO melden

  • Retoure an OTTO melden

  • Ablehnung der Retoure an OTTO melden

An example of an event procedure that you can use to send the order confirmation to OTTO is described below. Set up further event procedures in the same way.

Generate DHL return label

When OTTO market orders are imported into your plentymarkets system, then DHL return labels must be generated for those orders before the orders are confirmed at OTTO market. The procedure Generate DHL return label automatically creates a tracking number for a return (retTrackingNumber) which is saved for the order. This is to ensure that a tracking number exists if customers wish to return an item.

To ensure that the tracking number is already transferred when the order is confirmed at OTTO market, you have to add the procedure Generate DHL return label as first procedure to the event procedure Auftragsbestätigung an OTTO melden.

Note: At the moment, the return label can only be generated with DHL. Further shipping service providers will be available soon.

Save DHL access data

In order to generate a DHL return label, you need to have finished setting up DHL Retoure Online in the Setup » Orders » Shipping » Shipping Service Provider » DHL Retoure Online menu. Among other things, you need to have saved your DHL access data consisting of user name and password. Note that DHL Retoure Online will switch to a new process in the future. For further information, refer to the plentymarkets forum.

Setting up an event procedure
  1. Go to Setup » Orders » Events.

  2. Click on Add event procedure ().
    → The Create new event procedure window opens.

  3. Enter a name.

  4. Select the event listed in Table 1.

  5. Save () the settings.
    → The event is created.

  6. Carry out further settings as described in Table 1.

  7. Place a check mark next to the option Active.

  8. Save () the settings.
    → The event procedure is saved.

Table 1. Event procedure to send an order confirmation to OTTO
Setting Option Selection


New order

Filter 1

Order > Order type


Filter 2

Order > Referrer

OTTO market

Procedure 1

Return > Generate DHL return label

DHL Online Retoure

Procedure 2

Plugins > Auftragsbestätigung an OTTO melden

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