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This page provides information about OTTO.


OTTO  is part of the Otto Group and one of Germany’s most successful companies for online mail order business.

OTTO is an online shop, which means that you sell your items on behalf of OTTO. OTTO also takes care of the customer communication.

For data protection reasons, the content of the OTTO page is only available for customers who have a contract with OTTO. OTTO partners can find the OTTO page in the plentymarkets forum  within the OTTO category.

Three OTTO interfaces

OTTO offers three interfaces: Direktversand, Cooperation, and Integration. All interfaces are supported by plentymarkets.
There is a difference in the order import for the interfaces. When using the Direktversand and Cooperation interfaces, OTTO transfers individual orders to your plentymarkets system which you can process and ship directly to your end customers.
With the Integration interface, your plentymarkets system exchanges one multi-order per day with OTTO. In this case, OTTO ships the ordered items to the end customers.

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