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Best practice: Use out of stock-option

In this best practice, we will show you which settings you need to carry out in order to use the "Out of stock" option on eBay.
The "Out of stock" option indicates that an item or a variation is currently out of stock.

First things first
  • The listing’s stock dependence has to be set to limited (without reservation).

  • The duration of the market listing must be endless (GTC).

1. Enabling plentymarkets to end/hide offers automatically

  1. Go to Setup » Listings » Stock.

  2. Activate the option End/hide offers automatically.

  3. Save the settings.
    → The automatism is now active.

2. Activating the automatic stock update

  1. Go to Setup » Markets » eBay » Settings.

  2. Open the tab Initial settings.

  3. Select the value Yes for the option Activate automatic stock update.

  4. Save the settings.
    → The stock in plentymarkets can now be synchronised with the stock on eBay.

3. Activating the Out of stock-option

  1. Within the same menu, open the tab Account settings.

  2. Select the account which you want to use the option for.

  3. Select the value Yes for the Use "out of stock" option.

  4. Save the settings.
    → The option is automatically activated on eBay as well.

Wait and see

You have now carried out all required settings in your plentymarkets system.
Items or variations without stock will be hidden on eBay within the next 20 minutes.
As soon as you add stock to your item, the item will again be displayed on eBay.

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