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Best practice: Activating listings

In this best practice you will learn how to set up an item for the export to eBay.

First things first

Make sure that you activated the order referrers eBay (2) and eBay Germany (2.08) within Setup » Orders » Order referrer.

1. Setting up the sales price

  1. Go to Setup » Item » Sales prices.

  2. Create a new sales price.

  3. Set up the following options:

    • Currency

    • Client

    • Class

    • Country

    • Referrer

    • eBay accounts
      → The default client must be activated for the sales price.

No special offer or RRP

If you have saved only one sales price for eBay, this price must not be a RRP or a special offer. The price type RRP can only be selected if you have already saved another price for eBay which is not an RRP.

2. Setting up items

  1. Go to Item » Edit item.

  2. Open the item and open the Variation ID tab.

  3. Set up the following options in the tabs listed below:
    Settings: Place a check mark next to the option Active.
    Settings: Select a sales price.
    Availability: In the Markets section, save a referrer for eBay.

  4. If your item has variations, you can activate the inheritance by using the variation group function.

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