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On this page, you will find information about the settings you need to carry out in order to set up the market Check24 in plentymarkets. Learn how to set up the interface, how to export items to Check24 and how to define sales prices.

1. Registering with Check24

You need to register with Check24  before setting up Check24 in plentymarkets.

2. Setting up Check24 in plentymarkets

Carry out the following settings in plentymarkets in order to set up the interface to Check24.

Setting up Check24:

  1. Go to Setup » Markets » Check24.

  2. Activate the automatic data exchange.

  3. Enter the user name for the FTP partner login.

  4. Enter the FTP access password.

  5. Save () the settings.

Connecting to this market allows for the following automatic processes to take place:

  • hourly order synchronisation

3. Activating the order referrer

In order to link items, properties etc. with Check24, you have to activate the order referrer Check24 in the Setup » Orders » Order referrer menu.

Activating the order referrer for Check24:

  1. Go to Setup » Orders » Order referrer.

  2. Activate the referrer Check24.

  3. Save () the settings.

4. Setting the variation availability

You need to activate all variations that you want to sell on Check24. This is done in the Availability tab of a variation within the Item » Edit item » [Open item] » Tab: Variation ID menu.

Selling all variations of an item on Check24

If you want to sell all variations of an item on Check24, carry out the settings below for the item’s main variation. All other variations of the item then inherit the settings of the main variation.

Activating the variation availability for Check24:

  1. Go to Item » Edit item » [Open item] » Tab: Variation ID » Tab: Settings.

  2. Open the variation that you want to sell on Check24.

  3. In the Availability area, active the option Active.

  4. Click on the Availability tab.

  5. In the Markets area, click in the selection field.
    → A list of all available markets is displayed.

  6. Activate the option Check24.

  7. Activate the option Web API.

  8. Click on Add ().
    → The market is added.

  9. Save () the settings.

5. Defining SKUs

If necessary, save market specific SKU for those variations that you want to sell on this market.

  1. Go to Item » Edit item » [Open item] » [Open variation] » Tab: Settings.

  2. Click on the Availability tab.

  3. In the SKU area, click on Add ().
    → The New SKU window opens.

  4. Select the referrer Check24.

  5. Enter the SKU.

  6. Click on Add ().
    → The SKU is saved and displayed.

Only the most important settings for the import are described here. Is this your first time working with the import tool? Then get familiar with how data imports work in plentymarkets first.
  • Create a CSV file with at least the columns described in Table 1.

  • Create an import with the following settings:

    • Select the type Item.

    • Select the matching field Variation ID.

    • Map the plentymarkets data fields as described in Table 1.

Table 1. Recommended columns of the import file
Column in CSV file Explanation plentymarkets data field for mapping

Variation ID

Enter the variation ID in this column.

Variation ID

Market ID

Enter the referrer ID {referrer-id} in this column.

SKU > Marketplace ID

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