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Amazon: FAQ collection

plentymarkets is packed with functionalities for listing your products on Amazon. But with great power comes the odd error message. Below is a list of the FAQ, best practices and solutions we offer in the manual for selling your products on Amazon. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the manual, our support team will be happy to help.

2. FAQ for Amazon MFN

6. Frequent error messages

Table 1. Frequent error messages
Error message Link to solution
  • Error:TermsAndConditionsNotAccepted, Type: Sender

  • Error:InvalidRequest, Type: Sender

  • Error:ShipmentAlreadyExists, Type: Sender

  • Error:no AmazonPrime Service selected

  • Error:ShippingServiceNotAvailable, Type: Sender

  • Error:ResourceNotFound, Type: Sender

  • No Valid Warehouse Address

Amazon Prime: Errors and how to solve them

  • Error:Access to Reports. (GetReportScheduleList) is denied

  • ERROR: AuthToken is not valid for SellerId and AWSAccountId

  • Access denied.

  • The seller does not have an eligible Amazon account to call Amazon MWS

MFN orders are not imported.

  • Request is throttled

Error: Request is throttled

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