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Amazon: Setting up Amazon Pay

Pay with Amazon is a comprehensive payment solution for online sellers. Offer Pay with Amazon and enable millions of Amazon customers to shop securely on your website without re-entering their delivery and payment information. Customers can complete purchases quickly without leaving your website.

The advanced option for Payment with Amazon is special because it offers pure payment processing. This means that you only transfer the necessary amount due in order to process the payment. No details about the shopping cart or item data are transferred (see Amazon).

You need a plugin to set up Amazon Pay in your plentyShop. Visit the plentyMarketplace  to get information on this plugin.

Pay attention to the delivery periods

If you use this payment method, then make sure that you can process your orders in 30 days or less. Otherwise, they will automatically be cancelled after 30 days. If you sell items that generally take longer to process and deliver, then get in contact with the customer support provided by Amazon Pay. The deadline can be extended in individual cases.

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