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Use give-aways to generate more revenue in your plentyShop by motivating your customers to buy more items and more frequently. The basic idea is simple: You offer customers a free, give-away item if they spend a certain amount of money in your store. Instead of adding these give-aways to each order manually, you can use an event procedure to automate this process.

This video offers you an introduction to the topic:

Adding give-aways to an order

You can also add promotional items that aren’t sold in your plentyShop. To do so, set the variation to invisible and then assign it to an invisible category, i.e. a category that is not activated for the plentyShop.

Setting up an event procedure
  1. Go to Setup » Orders » Events.

  2. Click on Add event procedure ().
    → The Create new event procedure window opens.

  3. Enter a distinct Name for the event procedure.

  4. Select the Event according to Table 1.

  5. Save () the settings.

  6. Carry out the further settings according to Table 1.

  7. Activate the option Active ().

  8. Save () the settings.

Table 1. Event procedure for give-aways
Setting Option Selection


Order generation > New order

Filter 1

Order > Order type


Filter 2

Order > Value of items (gross)

Select operator and enter value of items.
Example: Operator >=, Value of items 50.00 = The variation will be added if the total item value is 50 GBP or more


Item > Add variation

Enter variation ID.

Tip: Bonus item scale

Use more than one event procedure to offer a bonus item scale. This allows you to offer different variations depending on the value of items customers buy. In the first event procedure, for example set the item value filter to >= 100.00 GBP and < 200.00 GBP. In the second event procedure, set an item value filter of >= 200 GBP and select a different, more attractive variation.

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