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Variation numbers

Every time you create a new item or variation, it automatically receives a variation number. You can decide which pattern should be used to assign new variation numbers.

Choosing a pattern for variation numbers:

  1. Go to Setup » Item » Settings.

  2. Configure the settings Prefix for new variation numbers and Last generated variation number. Note Table 1.

  3. Save () the settings.

Table 1. Pattern for variation numbers
Setting Explanation

Prefix for new variation numbers

Enter a prefix that should be added to the beginning of the number when new variation numbers are generated. If the field is empty, the prefix NEW- is used.

Last generated variation number

Shows the variation number that was last assigned to a variation. New variation numbers that are generated afterwards will be given ascending numbers starting from this point. The variation number that is displayed here will be updated as soon as a new variation number was generated. In other words, you will always see the number that was assigned for the last variation. Enter a different number to change the pattern for new variation numbers. The next number assigned is this number plus 1.

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