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Free text fields

Free text fields are added to the detailed view of an item. Customers can then enter values into the free text fields, such as an additional request or dimensions. First, define the free text fields.

Defining free text fields:

  1. Go to Setup » Item » Free text fields.

  2. Enter a field name.

  3. Select the data type. Note Table 1.

  4. Enter the number of characters.

  5. Save () the settings.

Table 1. Defining free text fields
Setting Explanation

Field name

Enter a name for the free text field. The field name cannot contain special characters. If the field name of a free text field is changed, its content will not be deleted automatically. The field’s content must be changed manually or with the help of a CSV file.

Data type

Select a data type

  • Small number = For numerical values between 0 and ± 127.

  • Number = For numerical values between 0 and ± 2147483647.

  • Character string = For alphanumerical values with a maximum length of 142 characters.

  • Text = For text entries with a maximum length of 65535 characters.

  • Checkbox = GUI element for activating and deactivating functions.


Enter the maximum number of characters. The character length is especially important for character strings. With a greater character length, the search for values in this data field will be slower. You should not simply enter the maximum available character length, but rather a realistic length. This will help you save database resources.

Once you’ve defined free text fields, you’ll need to activate them for the appropriate items.

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