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Preparatory settings

Items are made up of lots of information, e.g. categories, prices and manufacturers. But before you can sort an item into a specific category, the category first needs to exist in plentymarkets. Before you can select an item’s manufacturer, the manufacturer data needs to exist in plentymarkets.

Such preparatory system settings are first configured in the Setup menu and then they’re linked to items or variations.

Some of the most important system settings are:

  • Categories, which group your products.

  • Attributes, which simultaneously characterise your products and build variations.

  • Characteristics and properties, which characterise your products without building variations.

  • Sales prices, which define the conditions under which a variation is sold at a specific price.

  • Shipping profiles, which define your shipping services and shipping costs.

  • Manufacturers, which list the names, contact information, IDs and commissions saved for your manufacturers.

  • Units, which define the content of your variations.

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