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Store specials

Do you want to highlight specific items in your plentyShop? For example, do you want to label new products, special offers or best sellers on the category page? Store specials help you do just that.

store special

1. Which items are part of the special?

1.1. Manual selection

  1. Go to Item » Edit item.

  2. Search for and open the item that should be included in the store special.

  3. Click on the Global tab.

  4. Find the Online store area. Use the Store special drop-down list to specify whether you want to call this item a special offer, a new item or a top item.

  5. Save () the settings.

Other ways to select items

The instructions above are useful if you only want to select a few items. But what if you need to edit hundreds of items?

  • Item group function or batch processing: Find the area Multi-Channel. Activate the option Online store special () and select the appropriate store special from the drop-down list.

  • Import: Use the mapping field Item / Store special.

1.2. Automatic selection

Rather than manually selecting items, you can have them automatically added to the store special, e.g. when the price drops. This is done with the procedure manager.

  1. Go to Setup » Item » Procedures.

  2. Click on the New procedure tab.

  3. Select the procedure Link items to an online store special.

  4. Configure the settings for the procedure manager.

  5. Save () the settings.


Setting Explanation


Enter a meaningful name. This is an internal name. It is not visible to customers.

Execute every day at

Choose a time when the procedure should be carried out each day.


Place a check mark () once you’re ready for the procedure to take effect. In other words, leave this option deactivated until you’ve finished configuring the settings.


Setting Explanation

Price filter

Items will automatically be added to the store special if their prices match the criteria specified here. For example, you can link all items that have a higher RRP than regular price.

Online store

Should items only be included in the store special if they are visible in the plentyShop? Use the drop-down list to tell plentymarkets your choice.

Active items only

Select this option () if you only want active items to be added to the store special. Inactive items will not be linked.


Choose an availability level from the drop-down list if you only want items with this availability level to be included in the store special.

Flag 1;
Flag 2

Choose one or two flags if you only want items with these flags to be included in the store special.


Setting Explanation

Store special

Should the items be called special offers, new items or top items? All of the items that match the filter criteria will automatically be given this designation in the Global tab.

Category (Item)

Should the items automatically be sorted into a particular category? If so, choose this category from the drop-down list.

Delete category (Item)

Should the items automatically be removed from a particular category? If so, choose this category from the drop-down list.

2. Appearance in the plentyShop

2.1. Renaming the default texts

You can change the texts to meet your needs. For example, you could change the text from “Top item” to “Best seller”.

Renaming texts:

  1. Go to CMS » Multilingualism.

  2. Choose a source language and a target language from the drop-down lists.
    Note: You can select the same language from both lists.

  3. Expand the area Ceres » Store specials ().

  4. Rename the text on the right side.
    Example: Find the field STORESPECIALTOP and change the text from “Top item” to “Best seller”.

  5. Save () the settings.

  6. Deploy the Ceres plugin to apply the changes.

2.2. Special offer vs. % savings

The following applies to Special offers:

  • If the item does not have an RRP, then the text will be displayed (right).

  • If the item has an RRP, then the savings will be displayed as a percentage (left).

store special offer percentage

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I rename the texts? I don’t like “Special offer”, “New item” and “Top item”.

Yes. You can change the texts to meet your needs. For example, you could change the text from “Top item” to “Best seller”. Further information.

Can I highlight individual variations or only entire items?

Store specials can only be used to highlight entire items. Store specials can not be applied to individual variations.

Possible workaround: Would you consider using tags instead? Tags are buzz words or phrases that you can use to highlight specific variations. However, in contrast to store specials, tags do not appear on the category page. Rather, they appear in the product details page or in an item list.

There are three steps to the process:

  • Create the tags that you want to use for your variations, e.g. “Collector’s item”. During the process, select () the availability Variation and the appropriate clients.

  • Link your variations to the tags. For example, give rare variations the “Collector’s item” tag.

  • Create an item list to display the tagged variations in your plentyShop. Don’t forget to specify the ID for your “Collector’s item” tag.

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