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Item templates in Callisto

Item templates can be used to create differing description texts for various categories of items in the online store.

Let’s assume you sell fashion and accessories. You would like a note to appear in the detailed view of each fashion item, reminding the customer to select a colour. However, you do not want this note to be shown for accessories. To put this into practice without having to add the note to the description of each fashion item individually, create a new category of the type Content that contains the information you want to display. The content consists of the template variable $Description as well as your note. The template variable $Description is important, because without it only the additional text will be displayed. Then you link the items with the new category. In the online store, the item description will then be displayed together with the additional text of the item template.

Inserting the template variable and the additional text
Figure 1. Inserting the template variable and the additional text

1. Old online store: Creating item templates in Callisto

In order to attach the additional text to item descriptions, proceed as follows.

Creating a category with an additional text:

  1. Go to Item » Categories.

  2. Click on New category.
    → The Create new category window opens.

  3. Enter a name for the category.

  4. Select Subcategory as the category level.
    → The category levels can now be selected.

  5. Select a main category for the new category.

  6. Click on Create to create the category.
    → The category is created and displayed as a subcategory in the directory tree on the left.

  7. Click on this category’s Settings tab.

  8. Select the type Content.

  9. Save the settings.

  10. Click on the Description 1 tab and enter the template variable $Description and the additional text (image 1).

  11. Save the settings.

Instead of the template variable $Description, the actual item description will be displayed in the description area in the online store. This was entered into the Item text field in the item’s Texts tab. The additional text entered into the item template will be attached to this description.

Only use valid template variables and template functions

Only use the variables and functions valid for a template. In the category, click on Template variables and template functions to display the variables and functions sorted by templates. Only copy the variables and functions from the item view section, for example ItemViewSingleItem to create the item templates.

2. Old online store: Linking an item template with an item in Callisto

Once you have created the item template, link the template with the item.

Linking the item template:

  1. Go to Item » Edit item.

  2. Open the item.

  3. Click on the Texts tab.

  4. Use the Item template option to select the category.

  5. Save the settings.

3. Linking an item template with multiple items

Instead of linking the item template to an item, use the group function to link an item template with multiple items at the same time.

Linking an item template with multiple items:

  1. Go to Item » Edit item.

  2. Select the filters.

  3. Click on Search.
    → All items found is displayed in the overview.

  4. Click on Select all in the header of the item overview.

  5. Click on Item group function.

  6. In the Global area, activate the option Item template.

  7. Click on Assign category to select the item template.

  8. Click on Execute.
    → The item template is linked with all items.

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