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Best practices: Item

Here you’ll find best practices about items.

1. Checklist: Item visibility in the online store

This checklist helps you find any possible errors that are preventing your items from being displayed. Our example screenshots show the settings as they appear in a default system. Your own settings may differ.

1.1. Is the variation active?

Open the variation’s Settings tab. Place a check mark in the Availability area.

Checklist Item Active
Figure 1. The variation’s settings tab

1.2. Is a sales price linked to the variation?

Open the menu Setup » Item » Sales prices and make sure you’ve configured the following parameters for your online store:

  • Currency

  • No RRP, special offer or set price

  • Client

  • Customer class

  • Country

  • Referrer

1.3. Is a category linked to the variation?

Navigate to the variation’s Categories tab and link a category.

Checklist Item Categories
Figure 2. Categories are linked to variations in the categories tab

1.4. Is the client available?

Open the variation’s Availability tab. Make the client available in the Client (store) area.

Checklist Item Client
Figure 3. Check whether the item becomes visible when you make the client available.

1.5. Do the variations have positive net stock?

Note the stock limitation!

The stock level is only important if the variations are limited to net stock. If you do not manage the stock or if you do not have a limitation, then your variations do not need to have positive net stock.

1.6. Did you activate the availabilities for the store?

Open the menu Setup » Client » Standard Shop » Item layouts » Availability and make sure you’ve activated the availabilities.

Checklist Item Client Availabilities
Figure 4. Your store’s availabilities are activated in this area.

Even if the variation is configured correctly, it can still take an hour before the item becomes visible in the online store. This is due to the cache.

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