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In plentymarkets, an item is the complete data record of a main variation and associated variations. In other words, an item is composed of global data that applies to all of the item variations (item data) as well as data that is managed separately for each variation (variation data). The difference can be visualised as follows:

Item data:

  • Global settings (condition, manufacturer, age rating, etc.)

  • Texts

  • Characteristics (old properties)

  • Cross-selling settings

Variation data:

  • Images

  • Market visibility

  • Sales prices

  • Barcodes

  • Units

  • Warehouse

  • Stock

  • Categories

  • Suppliers

  • Properties

Every item has a main variation that cannot be deleted. This main variation is not the same thing as the item. Rather, it differs from the other variations of the item in that characteristics of this main variation can be passed on to other variations of the item. The main variation can either be sold to customers or it can be a virtual variation, which is only used to manage other variations of the item.

In this topic, you find all information about creating and editing items and variations. In addition, this topic explains how to manage product information, e.g. item attributes, characteristics and properties, manufacturers as well as barcodes. Pricing is also described here. Finally, learn how to create item bundles for items and variations and how to advertise your products, e.g. with cross-selling.

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