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Amazon FBA Inbound

On this page, you find an overview of Amazon FBA Inbound as well as the most important links that you need to set up Amazon FBA Inbound.

1. What does inbound mean?

Inbound means that you supply Amazon with items that Amazon then delivers to your customers.

  • Inbound shipments are your shipments to an Amazon FBA Fulfillment Center.

  • Inbound orders are the orders that are created in plentymarkets for your inbound shipments.

2. What is the workflow like?

FBA Inbound shipments have the following workflow:

  1. You create an FBA Inbound shipment in Amazon Seller Central.
    → The shipment is imported to plentymarkets.
    → The shipment is listed in the Stock » Amazon: Shipments menu.

  2. You create a redistribution for the shipment.
    → An FBA Inbound order is created in the Stock » Amazon FBA Inbound menu.

  3. The order can be processed in the warehouse.

3. What do I have to set up?

Which settings do I need to carry out in advance?

You must have already completed the following points in advance:

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