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In this area, you will find every shipping service provider and fulfilment service provider that has an interface to plentymarkets. The settings that you have to carry out, such as setting up a shipping profile including the table of shipping charges, is identical for all service providers. This is the reason why you will first find general settings that apply to all service providers on the Preparing the shipment page. Service provider-specific settings can be found in the lower part of the page.

In the Shipping service provider plugins area, you find detailed descriptions for the shipping service provider plugins that have been developed by plentymarkets.

You can automate and efficiently control workflows by setting up processes. They carry out everything from linking items with shipping profiles to registering shipments and printing shipping labels. The initial time that it takes to configure the settings will pay off when you have an efficient shipping process that automatically carries out routine tasks.

Furthermore, this area describes how you generate documents for shipping such as the shipping label and address label. All other documents that are available in plentymarkets, such as invoice and delivery note, can be found in the Orders area.

It is also always worth taking a look in the plentymarkets forum in the category Prozess-Basar  (process basar). Please note that the plentymarkets forum is currently only available in German. There, dedicated sellers share their processes with other sellers.

Simply select a service provider and start setting up the interface.

Setting up shipping service providers

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Setting up fulfilment service providers

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