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Setting up REST API

The term REST API is made up of two acronyms. REST stands for Representational State Transfer, API for application programming interface. Essentially this means that you can use external calls to communicate with your plentymarkets system in certain ways. This allows you to, for example, retrieve the data of all your contacts at once.

Some examples include eBay OAuth2 and Etsy . For these plugins to work properly, you must grant them certain permissions.

1. For end users

If you want to use plugins that require REST routes, you must grant them permission to access certain parts of your system.

Creating a Back end user account:

  1. Go to Setup » Settings » User » Accounts.

  2. Click on New.
    → The Create new user window opens.

  3. Enter the User name.

  4. Enter the Real name.

  5. Enter the Password.

  6. Repeat the password.

  7. Enter the user’s email address. This allows the user to receive messages from the system.

  8. Select Back end as User access.

  9. Save the settings.

The user name must not contain any spaces and must have at least 5 characters.

Go to Setup » Settings » User » Rights » User to specify which rights to grant the user. No REST API rights are activated by default. Rights are granted separately for different modules and sub-modules of the REST API. Under Authorisation, for example, you define whether the REST API user account can display rights or display, create and delete user roles.

To check which rights a plugin requires, see the description of the respective plugin.

Activating REST API areas:

  1. Go to Setup » Settings » User » Rights » User.
    → The overview opens.

  2. Open a user account.
    → The Rights menu item containing the visibilities opens.

  3. Assign the rights for the respective area by ticking the check boxes. Activate entire areas or expand areas to activate individual rights that the user account should have access to.

  4. Save the settings.

Note: The areas Authorisations and Menu visibilities are linked, which is why the selected rights are automatically activated for both areas.

2. For developers

Developers site

If you are interested in developing and selling a plugin that utilizes REST API, you can upload it to the plentyMarketplace free of charge. In addition to plentymarkets plugins, it is also possible to integrate external offers. Register here to become a partner. 

See our developers site for general information on the plentymarkets REST API as well as the available routes . You can also check our tutorials for some examples of how to implement them:

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